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“Star butterfly” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Star butterfly”

I had never encountered the work of this has long been known in the world of the writer. No, of course I saw his books on sale, but to buy them in my head never came. But one day …

Oh, and writer in question -. Bernard Werber

So, once in a bookstore, I came to the stand with the novelties and accidentally took down one of the last creations Bernard Werber “Star butterfly” and boredom began to read in the store. I just could not put it down. Mechanically, page after page. However, then still come round and went to the counter, paid for the book and went home …

In his small cozy room, I continued reading. I madly carried away in his own world, Elizabeth, Yves Kramer, Gabrielle McNamara and other characters in the book. Build a rocket to a thousand years to reach another planet and re-start there history earthlings … Nothing like I have not read since the time of Alexander Belyaev!

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I was so engrossed in their world that I could not eat or sleep without the book. Literally. Younger sister told me that more than once I turned off the light at night when I fell asleep right in front of an open book. Language works so light that it seems as if pages are flipped on their own.

The journey of my favorite wanderers-inventors in a huge rocket-butterfly lasted a thousand years. What happened at that time with the people? Did eventually translate into reality the dream of inventors and create a new, better world? Or humanity can not escape from its evils, but history is destined to always develop in a spiral? I tried as quickly as possible to read the book to find, finally, what he thinks about Bernard Werber?!

The famous French master of words written beautiful legend of Noah’s ark with a modern twist. It has everything: a modern Noah – Yves Kramer and his friends to the person, as well as, of course, a pair of every creature. For thousands of years, the spaceship “Star Butterfly” was flying along with all passengers towards a new life. Eve wanted to create an ideal society, without destructive passions and vices. But apparently, the evil in people genetically are programmed, and the story always develops in a spiral. In general, to create a perfect society does not happen …

Of course, the events described in this book – so far only a fantasy. But a lot of thought and speech of heroes – our harsh reality. Our planet could perish, if we continue as monstrous to handle it … Only with us will not be “Butterfly Star” and its creators, who offered to go in search of other planets in the solar system where mankind can be born again. This is worth considering now. To stop in time to prevent the tragedy, the consequences of which can no longer be corrected. What do you think?

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