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Equal Prize Money In Sport Paper

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The equality and disparity of prize money for female and male athletes is a contentious and debatable issue that has been going on for numerous years. It is demonstrated in a BBC Sport Study which found that 30% of sports compensate men higher than women whereas 70% of sports reward equal prize money. The biggest disparities in sport were found in football, cricket, golf, darts, snooker and squash resulting in nearly a third of sports not paying equal prize money. On the other hand, many sports do offer equal prize money such as athletics, bowls, skating, marathons, shooting and volleyball (BBC Sport). Although tennis was the first ever sport to reward equal prize money at the US Open in 1973, it has caused large controversy in terms that female players should not be earning equal. Watching male tennis players take part in and slave away over five sets at Grand Slam events, provides the viewpoint that they work harder and longer than the female associates to earn that bit extra. Although, women’s sports naturally rates less than men’s due to the deficiency of sponsorship and media coverage, it does not change the fact thatfemale sports are still exciting and just as competitive.

The largest and most questionable debate discovered in this topic, was the equality of prize money in tennis. Where male players play best of five sets while female play best of three, yet are still awarded equivalent sharing’s. As mentioned above, it is clear men work much harder over an extensive period of time and do enough to produce more income than their female counterparts. Although, female tennis players generate plenty of media interest, the disappointing reality is that fans vastly prefer to view men’s matches. TV ratings and figures prove this, for example the Australian Opens men’s final constantly rates higher than the women’s. Another being at the 2014 Australian Open during a Sunday night session, where spectators remained only for…

Tennis Prize Money Equality

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