New Employee Introduction Speech

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New Employee Speech

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, my name is Allen the training manager of this company. It is an honor and privilege for me to be here today and would like to welcome all of you to our company Centurion Malaysia Sad . Bad. Before we start let me tell you a little about myself including my background and the company philosophy.

I’m single and live In Bountiful , beside my work, I enjoy playing fatal, mountain billing and traveling. I start working here on 1st January 2009 until now. This company philosophy is based on three principle that I’d like to share with you.

First is, challenge on the world stage. We will continue the challenge to seek success in the global market. Secondly, contribution to society and the environment.

We will sincerely and conscientiously carry out operations safely, in harmony with the natural environment as the key contribution to communities and society. Lastly, pursuit of both employee growth and company growth. We will create a work environment in which employees respect each other and grow in line with the company growth. I hope you will feel confident working here and will take pride in being a member of Centurion Malaysia Sad.

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Bad .

Working Speech

Like every new employee that has come before you, each of you will receive guidance from me and my colleague as part of the Centurion Malaysia Sad. Bad training program, a program that has been use since the company’s founding. We help you to adapt our working culture and to make sure you all will continually strive towards improving yourselves in term of going knowledge and therefore contributing toward the betterment of the organization. There are three program would you go through, to help you know more about this company, know your Job, safety working in the plant and key to success working here.

First, motivation day program. I will guide you to adapt the working culture in Centurion Malaysia Sad. Bad. Most of you are fresh graduate student from various college and institute and maybe this was your first experience to work. We as senior colleague In this company will lead ourselves first If we are to effectively lead you and set example for you to follow. I expect everyone to be trustworthy, honest, and competent, so I expect the same of myself and our manager. Reaching our goals will required individual excellence, but we wont be working in competition with each other.

We will working in collaboration with each other. If we are going o be working hard, it better be fun and worthwhile. During that program I will share to you how to arrange your time so that you will not came to work late , got stuck in the traffic Jam, and submit your report in time. Throughout your new working life, you will undoubtedly experience many ups and downs. I will guide you to overcome whatever difficulties you encounter and that you will be able to maintain the fresh outlook and lofty aspirations you bring with you today.

I will also teach you how to managing your stress at work. There are 10 strategies for managing stress which are relax, take action to organize yourself, control your environment by controlling who and what Is surrounding you, give yourself positive feedback, reward yourself, exercise your body, rest as regularly as possible, be aware of yourself, eat a balanced diet and learn to enjoy yourself at working place. I will elaborate more details in that program. Then, we nave snouts Walt n General Manager program. Our General Manager, Kara sandal will give a speech more details about this company which from the start of the construction until now.

He will talk about performance appraisal. The performance of the employee will be reviewed on an annual basis. The annual review may result in salary increment or promotion, or otherwise. The company, however, may discuss the performance of the employee from time to time as it deems appropriate. This review is conducted with the view to address performance and behavioral issue. With that you will be motivated to work hard and show a good performance to your manager.

The General Manager also wanted to share that the company reserves the right to terminate the employment of any employee immediately if the employee commits NY misconduct such as but not limited to the following misconduct and the activities stated. Theft, fraud or dishonesty including attempted theft, attempted fraud or attempted dishonesty in connection with Company business or property, or that of the Company’s client/ customer. Violence, abusing, assaulting or threatening to assault or to do any injury to other employees, or superiors, within the company’s premises at any time, or to company’s customer.

Bringing alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs or narcotics within the company’s premises without prior permission from the many. Overall, our General Manager Just wanted us to work hard for your performance result and always give a good discipline. The last program is called Ice Breaking Program. This program is made to breaking the attribute of shame or shy with new colleague, leader and new environment. The main objective is to create a team work with all colleague. Team typically outperform individuals when the task are being done require multiple skill, Judgment and experience (Up. 257, Stephen P. Robbins, 2003).

Team work best in situations in which the Job requires high level of employee interaction, a team approach will simplify the Job, a team can do something an individual cannot. ( Krieger and Brandt, 1996). What is teamwork? Boat can go faster / straight towards the finishing line with synchronized rowing and also it is necessary to keep the balance of the left and right rowing power. Rowing boat is the very image of Teamwork. A team also defined as a group of people with diversified entities such as gender, skill or something collectively driving towards a common goal, capitalizing on and respecting the skills and knowledge of all individual.

If all league manage to create teamwork in this company it will ensure profitability (good for company), customer satisfaction (good for customer), employee satisfaction (good for employee). That means we all get the benefits from our teamwork. There are 5 rules of teamwork. First, valuable objective, the objectives for the members to dedicate themselves with pride and responsibility. Secondly, share the objectives, the objectives for the workplace and for individuals shall share one goal. Third, take the role, share the roles in the way each team member can feel that he/she is a main character.

Forth, perform mutual enlightenment, create a mood in the workplace climate to study and teach mutually. Lastly, existence of humanity-rich leader, the vision “the ideal figure” of the workplace shall be clarified by humanity-rich and sensitivity-rich leader. Therefore, you must trust your team member, share credit for achievements and recognize mutual roles and achievements of other. I want to persuade all of you to continually strive towards improving yourselves in terms of gaining knowledge. All employees must became capable professionals with a keen unreasonable a global Dustless.

Torrent language SKI are strong tool AT sun competent professionals, and I advise you to seek training that will allow you to acquire a good command of a foreign language. All of our supervisor , senior shift leader and manager is a the Japanese staff, you must learn how to hear and speak with them. If you can communicate with them, you can do your work more faster and will help you to build trusting relationship with them. That is to say, you need to keep studying with the mindset of always striving to reach the next level.

Instead of waiting for opportunities to simply come to you, I would like to encourage you to intention your daily efforts in learning and practicing the foreign language. If you work hard and keep an open mind, you will begin a lifelong path of continuing knowledge and experiences. I encourage you to study hard. In addition, I urge you to take a personal initiative to continue studying by actively utilizing available in-house program or other various training equivalent. Share experience and opinion with other colleague during off day or rest day is highly recommended to do.

Then, I want to encourage you to become workers who are versatile and capable to understanding offering stand points with due consideration for the feeling of those you interact with. It is very important to have friendly interaction with every colleague to create a harmonious working environment and indirectly creates a safe working environment because all employees has work as a unit. You will naturally improve your abilities to work and can perform any duties as directed by the supervisor or shift leader. During all the program, you will be required to apply yourself to a much higher degree than you previous thought possible.

As known, this company using many type of chemical ND have various reading meter at drum, tower, pump and so on. We will teach you about the chemistry and mathematics to improve your knowledge and get prepare to work in the plant. Once again I encourage you all to take this program seriously and make sure you master all that we teach so that you can work well and accident can be prevented. These knowledge are very important to you, your colleague, and this company. For the final attributes, I want you all to indemnify your life goals. With this, you will always remember your goals and try your very best to achieve them.

Your goals will encourage you to continue to work hard and always be better worker than other. This might enable you to create sense of reliability from your superior. Then, assign a time frame for your goals. For example, your short term goals is to get maximum points in your performance appraisal next year and be promoted is your long term of goals. Establish a periodic check in halfway or one-third into the completion of your goal to determine if you are asserting yourself enough or need to adjust your time line. After know your goals, you must reflect on your weaknesses.

Your weakness might be your obstacle to your goal. Create a plan for strengthening your weaknesses. For example if physical strengthening is your weakness, do a daily exercise to gain muscle, strength, and stamina so that you can perform better during yours working hours. Finally, share your personal development program with other. Trusted friends, relative or colleagues may have insights about your strengths and weaknesses. Loved ones also can remind you of your ultimate goals and keep you accountable on days when your motivation is low. As mentioned at the beginning, our goal is to make Centurion Malaysia Sad.

Bad a company that will continue to be respected throughout the world. To achieve this goal, we are relying on you as well as your superiors. Sustainable competitive Transliteration comes Trot Intangibles Like having an inspired group of committed people working together for a common cause. We will work as a team. We won’t be working in competition with each other although to reaching our goals will require an individual excellence. I once again will praise not only result, but good effort. If you give your Job your best effort with good attitude, yet make a mistake and not repeat it.

We will be taking some prudent risks and mistakes will happen. Unscrupulous employees will not giving they best effort, not caring about the quality of their work, or not getting better as we strive to be the best we can be, my goal is that we will enjoy our work so much that it won’t seem like work. Again, I’m as the training manager of this company and a representative of my colleagues want to congratulate all of you in Joining Centurion Malaysia Sad. Bad today. I really hope that as we work together, we can make Centurion Malaysia Sad. Bad a better company and success in global market.

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