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Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card Paper

Truth, what is truth? Why people are after it? What does it contain? Should we listen to it or not? These and many more questions round and round around us. Truth is the original and natural fact that existed from the beginning of the world. Saying the truth or going after it is difficult and requires courage. Speaker for the Dead is a science fiction novel authored by Orson Scott Card. It is about a community of humans that live on a different planet, Lusitania, and their connection with this planets population, the piggies. Ender Wiggin, the story’s main character, is the truth speaker and tells the truth about the death of others. Humans do not show their true self all the time. There are things that stay deep in our heart forever, and sometimes it breaks us from inside, or we just let it stay inside so that it will not hurt anyone. Ender lived for thousands of years learned and experienced things that no human being ever knew about it. Truths that changed humanity changed the fate of people. Therefore, to know the purpose and knowledge that we need we have to go after the truth behind them and sometimes doing them need sacrifices.

Truth has its nature and power. Saying the truth or holding it requires power. The Truth that Ender talks about is the real truth. The truth that reveals true personalities of people. Ender told the truth of Marcos who was the husband of Novinha, and also the truth of Libo which showed to Lusitania’s community what kind of a person he was. Ender revealed things about Marcos that made people rethink about their judges on Marcos. To say the truth about someone you have to dare to say it. Ender got criticized for speaking the death of Marcos. People will criticize you for saying the truth that they are ignored from. They slated Ender for calling Marcos a dog, but actually it was themselves who called him like that. Revealing the truth is always hard, but it opens others thinking. Ender showed them that …

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