Spanking Research

Is an Issue which Is highly debated In the world, every country, state, region, and city has It own Idea or way of arguing on spanking. Many cultures do not like to spank their children others also want to spank their children. However the bible says “do not withhold discipline from a child, If you punish them with a rod you save them from death”. Therefore spanking a child is a great way to discipline one’s child and helps in the child growth as it helps the child to be successful in life.

Discipline is the practice of helping children to develop self control, guiding them, titivating and correcting misbehaving of children and teaching them the right way of doing things for them to be acceptable in a society. It is the responsibility of parents or guardian to discipline a child. But then what is the right way to discipline a child?. Imagine telling your child is late do not watch television this night and your child look In eyes and says I will watch.

His is the time for you to teach your child how to respect and the need to respect elders. This Is not done through Just talking to your child because he would not take It seriously but rather when you spank him e will never do It again. In other words It will establish a new Idea In the child’s brain which will let the child be very sensitive to good behaviors. When you physically punish a child it becomes very difficult for the child to repeat such a behavior again because he would remember what happened to him.

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Spanking Research

I had a friend in my community in Ghana and that friend since he was a child he was always pampered and even when he does mistake, or do bad things like insulting elderly people his parents Just talked to him, now he blames his parents for that, and he has ended p in prison. There is no doubt the bible says the one who spares the rod hates his son but who loves him is diligent to discipline. Furthermore spanking helps in the child growth as it makes the child to be successful In life According to newspaperman: spanking Is like a milk It does good or at least a mind (dry.

James Dobson). A study conducted by psychology professor Marjorie Guenon at Calvin college, mulligan fox news reports on the story, according to the research children spanked up to age of six were likely as teenagers to perform better at school, were ore likely to carry out volunteer work and to want to go college and also have academic success than their peers who had never been physically disciplined. These people do not wait for opportunities to come, they do not sit back and relax but their aggressive nature makes them serious in everything they do.

These grown up children rather search for opportunities. And most companies like these people and are likely to be employed very easily because of their seriousness, they take everything with care. At age nine a friend of mine who was always at the bottom of he class gradually became one of the five best students In that class and with curiously I asked him how ” because I am always beaten at my buttock and my palm when am last” said kopi. Spanking always help Individual success, It Is a detrimental tool to success.

I will always blame my parents for not physically punishing me when a not go to cocoon, out ratter Just talked to me , talking never mace sense to me when I was a child, I did not value talking, because I thought when they talk, when I do not go to school next they will Just talk to me. I was a child I did not know anything ND never knew it would affect my life and these were what I thought, but now I believe if my parents had spanked me I would never had done what I did, now I am an illiterate and really suffering in this life although it hurts when I remembers them, Fests Champion said.

However spanking could hurt the emotions and feelings of the child and makes them fear their parents and most often let the child think whether his parent love him or not. According to Joan Duran a professor at university of Manitoba, spanking may reduce the brains grey matter the connective issue between brain cells, grey matter is an integral part of the centre nervous system and influences intelligence and learning abilities. T includes areas of the brain involved in sensory perception speech muscular control,emotions. As it also inflict emotional damages and relations. Spanking is really a great way to help your child focus in this life. Spanking is an essential way to discipline your child very well, the bible says foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child ; but the rod of discipline will drive it far away.

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