He explains that whatever is thrown into your life is for a reason and will only help you later on in a person’s life. The song composed by Kenya West entitled “Stronger,” accentuates that no matter how life treats you, there will always be a light at the end of a tunnel and will guide you to a better and a stronger As proven in “Stronger,” no matter what hardships are faced, they are for a reason and will help you.

Kenya West states “Now that that don’t kill me can only me stronger,” is to prove that only things that will kill a person can’t be overcome and that doesn’t hurt will only help prevent it happening again in the future.

This clearly shows that as we grow older and wiser, we realize more of what the world throws at us and we make ourselves able to attack the situation when we are poised with it again.

These lyrics are figurative language because he clearly does not mean exactly that want kill you can make a person stronger. He really means that things are sometimes tougher than they may appear but will only lead to something good. Also, by knowing how to overcome these challenges, a person would be able to help others tit problems and challenges that may be similar to the one that they went through.

Song Lyrics About Overcoming Obstacles

Kenya West clearly demonstrates that all challenges can be taken by the horns and beaten.

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There are many poignant feelings that permeated through the lyrics to express hardships and knowledge. It was stated that “I know I got to be right now ’cause I can’t much wronged,” in order to express all of his mistakes and to prove that he has faced nearly all challenges in life, now he knows what will definitely happen and how to solve his problems. These challenges that he has faced made him strong enough to prove to the world that he is now able to defeat these new challenges.

Foreshadowing is used here in order to prove that he does not know what will happen, though he does feel ready enough to take on whatever it may be. Gay using foreshadowing, we can identify the problems that will occur in our lives now due to the choices we make. If we can figure out our needs for the future, we would be a lot better prepared in life and make better choices. By Kenya West saying that he cannot get any ore wrong, he wants us to know that all of us have a motivation after we have all been through hardships.

In a recent medical study in Buffalo, New York, scientists may have found cure for Cancer. This drug “retrains a person’s immune cells to fight cancer. ” This statement by a Channel 7 News reporter clearly relates to the theme of overcoming the hardships of an individual due to its medical research that can aid the health of cancer patients. This will thwart 1 1 cancer and keep it controlled and keeps it from spreading. Just as in the song “that that don’t ski e, can only make me stronger. ” Cancer is a very serious virus that has bee’ incurable for years.

This disease had only been treatable to patients who ha the disease. Now with this advancement, many lives will be saved and there will be many more complications that can be figured out. The overcoming of hardships of man and using them to prep the rest of their life is irradiated throughout Okay West song “stronger. ” As I analyze certain songs, I realized that many of the challenges that an individual make their gallant 13 efforts will always help them break free of challenges. This WI eventually make the challenges of an individual a lot less hard.

The individual who learn from their mistakes will also learn from others’ mistakes. This would lead into an endless chain of overcoming what is right and what is wrong. If an ambiguous event occurred in your life, would you be consciously enough to face that challenge and get through it? As people grow older, they seem to question many things in life including their inner conscience. As the Metal band Megawatt states in their song entitled “Sweating Bullets,” the main character questions himself and has a lull conversation about what happened in his life.

As he tries to expose whale he has really been through he states “Hello me… Meet the real me,” in order to tell himself that what he shows on the outside only covers up what he really is on the inside which is “My misfits way of life. ” When he states “meet the real me,” the word “me” he’s actually comparing two versions of himself. He calls himself a “misfit” in order to show that how his conscience is immature, undeveloped, and troubled. Though, when he says “me” the first time, he is trying to explain who people see him as.

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