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Life Expectancy Essay Paper

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Health Organization (WHO) shows all people have an average life span of 54. Ears. The male’s average life expectancy is 62. 7 years While female is 66 years, a difference of more than three years. Jeanne Clement is the oldest confirmed age person who is 122 years. These details explained about the “maximum life span” which is the number of years any human is known or have lived. In this brief article, there are a numerous of problem facing by the people in the developing countries because of the low life expectancy. Firstly, it’s the loss of productive workforce in a country, Life expectancy continued to fall in many parts of Africa continent.

For instance, Botswana people use to live up to 60 years old but now over aging at 40 years age. The reasons of this case is because to the temperamental problems such as lack to health care, acute shortage of clean water, AIDS awareness campaign which is not organized well, this will stem human crisis capital. Besides that, there will be a crisis in education sector. Education sector was also affected by the productive workforce. Some countries like Zombie have witnessed the collapsed in primary and secondary school enrolment rate.

Soon, the ratio of students to teacher increases, classroom overcrowded, they may institute law that limits number of students per school. As such, the rate of illiteracy will widespread. Therefore, one of a way to increase life expectancy is by improving the health and welfare of a county. It Will increases the population rate Of the developing world. The government should take appropriate action to get a good medicine for their people from different countries to cure sickness and to increase life expectancy Of a person.

What Is Low Life Expectancy

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A statistic survey shows that developed countries have a higher life expectancy Han the less developed countries (Smith et al , 2008,pop). This is because developed countries have sufficient money to buy or make new medicines to cure various type of serious illness which is really expensive. However some countries like Saudi Arabia have very high GNP per capita but don’t have high life expectancies. Alternatively, China and Japan have a low GNP per capita but have reasonable high life expectancy. Moreover, exercise and having a great communication habits too could increase the life expectancy to a person.

By exercising, an individual could increase the cardiovascular system and strengthen a person’s body. The human body was designed to be active but years of inactivity have caused a decrease in life expectancy. Science has proven that when an individual increase the amount of each exercise they do in a week, it can lower the risk of dying by 14% Not only would that, by having a great communication with others relieve a person from stress (Keller, 2001). For example, spending time with friends will makes a person to feel relaxed.

According to Keller, spend time with friends in a busy day could help a person coping with stress. Researcher’s first study Of the effect Of exercises and having a good communication with others concluded that it can add three to four years to a person’s lifespan. Lastly, these are the two possible solutions to overcome low life expectancy. In a statistic survey showed that life expectancy is affected by many variables, some Of Which suggest that life expectancy can contribute to rise in both developed and developing countries(White and Edgar, 2010).

As discussed earlier, the solutions can help a lot of individual to have a higher life expectancy with leading a quality health lifestyle. In the absence of fundamental breakthroughs in initiating research, the empirical analysis shows that we are not in the critical zone. It can be argued that, Government of a country has to find a source to increase the income levels of its own country so it would result in more or less improvements such as provision of water and health care to increase the population of a country.

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