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The Solution to Increasing Dropout Rates While there are many problems college students’ face while attempting to obtain a degree, the largest hindrance from completion is that of financial ability. One of the largest contributors to college dropout rates is the lack of financial support. Many college students must work either full or part time to support themselves or their families.

With the declining economy and increasing costs of college tuition, funds are being scarcely distributed and many college students find that they are unable to continue their education due of this.

The degree Of importance placed on college education is in decline, and each year the number of students completing their degree is decreasing. There have been a vast number of surveys and polls of college students and some of the outcomes are astounding.

“According to the US Department of Education, only 20 percent of young students who enter a two year institution will graduate within three years. While those who enroll in a four year institution have a slightly higher graduation rate of 40 percent in six years.

In doffs society higher education is key for the majority of the josh market, but many college students find that even tit a college degree they cannot find work. The standard college student today is no longer 18 years old and enrolling in a four year university program.

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The new standard that is vastly seen is that of a part-time, older individual who is often working while trying to juggle their busy schedule.

Why Students Dropout Of School Essay

According to a report in the New York Times, “two-thirds of students said the economic climate had significantly affected their college choice, and 13 percent said they could not afford to attend their first-choice university, the highest percentage since that question was first asked in 2006. With college tuition rates increasing “many students without a credential are plunged underwater financially.

” Men students leave college with no credential and a load of debt, they may be worse off than when they entered. With so many college students facing the financial burdens that college tuition imposes, this has grown to increase the degree completion rate to an all-time high. Students often find themselves forced to choose between continuing their education and simply putting food on the table. It is not surprising to see that many forgo completing their education in order to do so.

According too survey of college drop outs, “71 percent of students agreed that the reason for not completing their intended program was that they needed to go to work and make money. Having less off burden to financial responsibility would definitely help many of the students facing these problems. Am proposing a plan to the US. Federal government to implement a new plan for receiving financial aid.

This plan will not only be based upon merit and satisfactory grades or financial need, but the biggest change will come from increased rates for trine completed. This new system Will integrate the college dents’ current course level and anticipated graduation date and base financial aid accordingly. Think of this increase in financial aid for students as you would a raise in a job for performance.

The main goal of this program is to provide incentive for students to continue on their education pathway and obtain their degree. The current process for financial aid for a student is based on the student’s financial status. If a student has an EPIC (Expected gamely Contribution) of O they will qualify for a fully funded Peel Grant which is roughly enough to cover the needs Of one year for a full time community college student. If a student plans to attend a four year university, the current amount of financial aid given does not even cover half Of that cost.

The new proposed program Will use the same standards for initial financial aid awarded to a student, but for each year that the student satisfactorily completes their courses, their financial aid Will increase by 15 percent. This new program will be provided to all current and new applicants who are currently eligible to receive a LIST federally funded Peel Grant. The program is to still be funded by the US Federal Government, but to increase he funding for this propose a one percent federal tax increase on all major corporations and businesses with an annual income of $250,000 or greater.

This will likely incur great opposition initially as to why the increase in tax rate is on that of large businesses. In response to this, the effort of this new program will be to eliminate additional costly training by employers to undereducated employees. By having college students who are actually obtaining their college degrees working for these large companies, the need for additional training will decline, Thus, saving funds in order to finance the one percent proposed increase to increase financial aid.

The proposed program will set to be launched during the upcoming years’ financial aid process and coincide with the initial financial aid applications. A new committee of current financial aid staff will be formed to oversee the addition to the program, and will be set in place to answer questions and to help prevent fraud. The method for monitoring the students progress is to still be the responsibility Of the institution to where the student is enrolled. If a student fails to enroll for the following year and apply for financial aid, then no increase in financial aid funds Will be provided to them.

Also, if any break of one semester or more is taken during the school year the increased financial aid Will be lost. If a student fails to meet the standard 77 or above grade in any course that is being federally funded then financial aid will be lost as well. The program is intended for students who satisfactorily complete a consecutive term year after year until degree completion is obtained. This newly proposed program will help to alleviate the financial burden that many college students face, By offering a greater incentive to students to complete their degree in a Emily manner, the degree completion rate will increase.

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