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Magazine Paper

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For each magazine, write one paragraph in which you explain why that magazine would be a good advertising outlet to reach potential customers of n online golf club store. Answer: Responses will vary, but one magazine may be a travel magazine. Students might explain how Fried’s golf clubs would be a good choice to take on a golfing excursion. 2. In about 600 words, explain the differences between customer acquisition and retention and outline two marketing strategies that would help a company accomplish each of these two objectives.

Be sure to present facts and logical arguments that support the use of each strategy for each objective. Answer: Customer retention is about making sure existing customers keep buying from you. On the Net, customer retention also means making sure your site visitors keep returning. Customer acquisition implies attracting new visitors to your Web site. 3. Select a retail store with which you are familiar that has a Web site on which it sells products or services similar to those it sells in its physical retail stores.

Explore the Web site and examine it carefully for features that indicate the level of service it provides. Using your experience in the physical store and your review of the Web site, write a 200-word evaluation of the company’s touching consistency. Answer: Responses will vary but a review should consider the following: The goal of providing the same quality of service is known as touching consistency.

The five levels are: awareness (customers who recognize the name of the company or its products), exploration (potential customers learning more about a company’s products and services), familiarity (customers who have completed several transactions and are aware of company policies), commitment (customers with preferences for the product; these customers are loyal and are willing to tell other potential customers), and separation (customers hat are leaving, or separating, from the company for any reason). 4.

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Many people have strong negative reactions to pop-up, pop-behind, interstitial, and rich media ads. Write a 200-word letter to the editor of an Internet industry magazine in Which you explain, from the advertiser’s viewpoint, why these ads can be effective advertising media. Answer: Responses will vary, but the students might discuss how pop-behind ads remain visible after the browser has closed and keeps that information fresh in the users mind, In addition, a good point to bring up is that unlike pop-up ads, hey do not cover the browser window. 5.

In about 300 words, describe the key elements of technology-enabled customer relationship management and outline the advantages that technology- enabled customer relationship management has over traditional seller-customer interactions, Answer: The key elements of technology-enabled CRM are to provide information in response to specific inquiries, identity and respond to specific customer behaviors and preferences, individually tailor discounts to customer, customer’s choice of distribution channels, price negotiated with the customer, new product treasures created in response to customer demands, and customer retention is a good measurement used to manage CRM.

The advantages can be summed up as customer-centric. Traditional relationships focus on customers as a group, not as individuals. 6. In about 400 words, describe what a search engine inclusion and placement broker does and explain why an advertiser might use such a broker rather than working directly with a search engine site.

Answer: Responses should include the following information: Search engine placement brokers are companies that aggregate inclusion and placement sights on multiple search engines and then sell those combination packages to advertisers. Exercises I Visit the Redevelop Web site to examine how that company implements occasion segmentation. Write a report of no more than 200 words in which you describe two clear examples of occasion segmentation on the site.

Answer: Answers will vary, but Red Envelope has a section that displays various holidays, such as spring, Easter, and birthdays. Students should discuss the details of these different occasions. 2. You are the new online advertising manager for the Midland Daily Courier, a local newspaper. The newspaper wants to sell banner advertising on its site in a variety Of sizes to meet the needs Of its advertisers.

Examine the BIB Web site and other online resources of your choosing, then prepare a memo of about 500 words to the newspaper’s advertising manager that outlines the current state of standards for banner ads. Include a specific recommendation regarding how many different sizes the newspaper should offer and support your recommendation with factual and logical arguments.

Answer: The standards for Bad ads include: 468 x 60 – (Full Banner) 234 x 60 MIM – (Halt Banner) 88 x 31 – (Micro Bar) 20 x 90 MIM – (Button 1) 120 x 60 – (Button 2) 120 x 240 MIM – Heretical Banner) 125 x 125 MIX – (Square Button) 728 x 90 MIM – (Leadership) 3. You have been employed by Switchboard. Com to sell space on its site to advertisers.

Create a promotional press release Of approximately 300 words in which you describe the advantages of advertising on Switchboard. Com. You may decide to promote space on the main page, Other specific pages, or all pages. Be prepared to explain why your promotional strategy should work. You may find the Art Of Web Site Promotion, Promotion World, Assistance, or Seltzers HOW to Publicize Your Web Site over the Internet Online Companion links helpful in your task. Answer: Answers will vary, but should consider the following: The differences been the main home page and the other pages Different costs to advertisers between ads on the main page and other pages Different possible Web designs and how they would look on the home page as well as other pages 4.

Marti Baron operates a small Web business, The Cannonball, that sells parts, repair kits, books, and accessories to hobbyists who restore antique model trains. Many model train hobbyists and collectors have created Web sites on which they share photos and other information about model trains. Marti is interested in creating an affiliate marketing program that would allow those hobbyists to place links on their sites to The Cannonball and be rewarded with commissions on sales that result from visitors following those links. Examine the services offered by Be Free, Commission Junction, Lancashire, and any other affiliate program brokers you can find on the Web. Recommend at least one affiliate program broker that would be a good fit for Martin’s business.

In about 500 words, explain your recommendation. Be sure to consider the characteristics f Martin’s business in your analysis. Answer: The students should search different program brokers and try to find one that already deals in hobbies and collectibles. Be Free would be a good fit, since it caters to smaller businesses and is scalable as well.

Cases Case 1: Sofas 1. Answers will vary, but advantages to using banner ads would include: reaching a larger audience than with the e-mail list and the ability to place banner ads on partner Web sites. Disadvantages would include: uncertain return on cost of ad placement and possibility of missed contributions from supporters averse to banner ads. Answers will vary, but advantages of limiting distribution to the existing e-mail list would include: reaching a targeted audience guaranteed to be sympathetic to the message, avoiding possibly angering recipients Who may consider the unsolicited e-mail as spam, and saving the expense of purchasing additional e- mail addresses.

Disadvantages would include: limiting overall number Of e-mails delivered, missing potentially receptive audiences, and limiting potential campaign earnings from a wider mailing. 3. Answers will vary, but advantages of using formats other than plain. Text in his type of e-mail campaign would include: adding impact to the message by using color, photos, audio, and video, and enhancing the variety of subsequent e-mails by employing different media.

Disadvantages would include: increased cost for bandwidth required to deliver and store the e-mails, potentially angering recipients who consider HTML, audio, or video in e-mails to he intrusive or memory wasters in a crowded inbox. Also, videos that start automatically when an e-mail opens may be considered crass by some recipients, 4. Answers will vary, but answers should emphasize considerations related to e- ail etiquette, Sofas privacy policies, and media bandwidth requirements vs.. Audience bandwidth Audio and video allow for more dramatic delivery of information, but may be perceived as more intrusive in an e-mail and will require more bandwidth for viewing. 5.

Answers may vary, but some possible alternative reasons to include the increase in donations are: differences in the text content of the emails, cumulative effect Of receiving several emails convincing supporters to take action, supporters planning to donate after receiving the first email but not taking action until later, supporters influenced by aspects Of the campaign in there media, and supporters donating after following the developments in the situation over the course Of the email campaign.

Case 2: Montana Mountain Biking 1. Answers may vary, but should include an estimate of which percentage of MOB customers fall into each of the fiver stages of customer loyalty (awareness, exploration, familiarity, commitment, and separation), with supporting details for each conclusion, 2.

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