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Socrates Paradoxes Essay

The three paradoxes that Socrates wrote are now in textbooks where I
they should stay. The paradoxes were written many years ago, and since
society and human kind have changed greatly. I personally disagree with
three paradoxes.Thefirst paradox Socrates wrote, ?No one knowingly
commits evil because virtue is knowledge,? the second is, ?No one
commits evil because no one deserves evil,? and the final paradox
Socrates is ?It is better to be treated unjustly than it is to be
Thefirst paradox, ?No one knowingly commits evil because virtue is
knowledge,? should be out of play. What does out of play mean? Even
people know the consequences they willingly continue to do wrongful
For example, people use drugs, and disobey speed limits even though
know jail time, court fees, and probation are possible consequences for
actions. Virtues, like many other things must be taught to individuals.
no one teaches virtues to people, no oncan be expected to demonstrate
I have to disagree Socrates second paradox, ?No one willingly
evil because no one deserves evil.?Once again, people commit evil
without considering the potential damage they may cause another person.
Every day a ?white lie? is told to a teacher, a parent or a spouse.
thought the intent of a white lie is usually to spare an individual?s
feelings, it is still an act of evil.People also do things in their
favorWhat does favor mean? S.benefitS
For example, people commit adultery even thought their actions are
considered to be evil.This is an act of self-satisfaction. Generally,
people will do whatever they want, especially if it benefits the
I have to disagree with Socrates the third paradox, ?It is better to
treated unjustly than it is to be unjus

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