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Sociology notes Essay

The social structure-education religion, politics 6 basic human emotions Altruism-selfless behavior Colonization Is a learning process that we all go thru Feral children grow up with no colonization Gender Is learned and sex Is biological George Herbert mead- imitation ,play, and game are the 3 stage of the development Social groups- are made up of individuals who share something from physical space to values and morals A group must be 3 or more people Looking glass self -Charles Horton Cooley

Primary group cooperative, Intimate, long term relationships Ex-sporting teams, family church The primary group becomes part of your Identity and helps you to develop positive self esteem Secondary groups-large groups that tend to be relatively temporary or formal The reason you are in the group is because off reason, interest, or activity Ex- classes and service fraternities In and out groups “in” group are groups you feel loyalty to wards “out” groups are groups you feel antagonistic toward “In” groups loyalties may Include :America, tutu, sports teams, religious groups

Reference groups- the groups we use as standards to evaluate ourselves Ex: we compare ourselves to models, movie stars, Celebes, family, friends, etc Max Weber- functionalist, mid-late asses, German -was one of the founders of sociology -came up with the “rationalization of society’ Rotationally Is efficient maximizing your time and abilities This came with the industrialization of society Assembly lines are the human element; it will make things more rational Human inevitably make mistakes and are not efficient He was interested in how to take the human element out of

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However, the human element is necessary in things like teaching parenting, Bureaucracy -when the humanity is sucked out of a situation and there Is nothing you or anyone else do about It Ex prerequisites for later classes, falling because you didn’t study Bureaucracy- rules we have to follow and human element is gone turned in assignment late, get audited because you did not pay your taxes, getting arrested, jury duty, the military Occupational psychosis- what happens to humans when they are forced to take the emotions and humanity out of a situation?

Ex: nurse does not give a dying patient CPRM because according to liability and contractual reasons The the idea that as the number of bystanders to an incident increases, the likelihood that anyone will intervene decrease A woman is stabbed by robber on the way home and collapses on the front porch of her apartment to death and then robber runs away. People say they assumed that someone else called the cops because it’s NYC. 7 people witnessed the attack -she was kitty Geneses Irving Janice reading#3- about group thinking and how a group can sway you into asking bad decision, because no one wants to speak out The “bay of pigs” scandal with JEFF was one example nobody would question the ruling of the group and especially not the president’s ruling Also in a Jury, one member of the Jury may disagree, but will conform to the group to avoid a mistrial. Cash line experiment- Cash put 12 men in a room, who were all similar. 1 of the 12 were confederates or actor and were in on the experiment -Cash put 3 lines on a chalkboard, and 11 of the 12 said that the shortest line was actually the longest, and the 12th agreed even Hough he knew this was not correct The experiment measured people’s level of conformity towards a group Prison story-power domains(cat calling by the guards) Sociality- communication, interaction, experiences among people Sociality does Not have to have people other then yourself(no other people needed) Society is normal (or what feels normal) How human interact with society Society- the environmental influent on action in self concourses Physiology- inside the mind how it works thought process Generalized other- society in your mind self concourse Ex devil and angle on the shoulder

Looking glass self- see yourself in someone else emotion and to use it to change Ex answer the question wrong but keep going in hope to get it right and the teacher show feed back Physiology- older Sociology- mid sass’s, began in Europe not a hard science (statistics and numbers) Hard science -To make predictions, scientific method Positivism-applying the scientific method to study human beings August Compete – developed positivism, father of sociology, tried to make sociology a hard science, but humans have free will Sociology to have trends that is used to improve how sociology unction’s Social cancers- crime, racism and other apply society- use it in the real world ex- interview, polls, statistics Method- a way of gathering data Data-piece of information You are the instrument to let the data speak objective- let the data speak there you Social facts- facts about society Look at data in different ways Hackwork effect- interviews someone but unknowingly support their story How socialist scored the productivity of factory using light increase productivity because they were being watched being watched is bytes. This increased productivity cause they were being watched and because of fear of losing their Jobs they worked harder.

Interviews- can change result of answer admitting a byes Think of society as a human body- and the parts needed to work and how it serves the whole If something fails it all fails Emilee Druthers – segments of religious life the way religious effect life Suicide- types of suicide and all 4 Conflict theory- society is viewed composed of groups in competitions for scarce resources all the time Ex Jobs, oil, water The main theory was invented by Carols Marks Two groups Propeller vs… Argosies has everything (elite) 1% rules in their favor Propeller has little to none (99% or workers)(poor) Inequity for the bourgeoisie C Arles Marks- we can have a revolution but the people in the propeller don’t know it.

The only way it would happen is class conchies Symbolic interaction- interact with people views people Macro level- big Mezzo level-middle conflict between groups of people Micro level- small Realer Game This theory do not include person to person Dramaturgy – we are all actor and putting on a performs Cultural scripts- how you know how to act Cultural custom-what you wear We all know it Get We know the script by experience Front stage-act more(ex around anyone) Backstage- when you are by yourself prepping for front stage Ethnography- away to study a culture Thick description-extremely detailed notes on a culture Anthropologist -the study of other people cultures Baked heads in oven peg 74 saloon Mushiness’s Syndrome – enjoy pain Sadist – enjoy giving pain Holy mouth man peg 74 dentist Who they are on peg 72 Americans or manicure(America backwards)- talking about American Bicyclist -witch docs 3 thick description-cell phone or head nod , wink What does imperial mean observable

What theorist is it possible to be complete basis in a interview conflict theory caused by wealth Colonization- the process of learning(mainly culture or society) -starts before you are born (buying stuff for the baby) Gender no matter what is not a natural construction it is a social construction Social construction is not a natural event society its weird or deviant What is normal in society and if they are not like many people Gender normal- what they are made to think When you teach someone how to act is a colonization agent Ex: parent, family, public, media, school, friend, church Farer children- have no social skills or uncivilized George Herbert Mead -found out there are three stages when they are learning Stages of learning 1 . Imitation-copy 2. Play-other people and a basic understanding of their actions, learn the script 3. Game-other people and the add of rules Learning to handle your emotion and they are also social 6 basic emotions normal people have 1. Sad 2. Happy 3. Anger 4. Fear 5. Surprise 6. Discuss Tells us how to use these emotions Cognitive dissonance- actions don’t match what is expected Exposable that ends with her saying no Ex buyer’s remorse

Cognitive congruence -actions that society thinks is normal, lie or convince yourself as normal Ex talking yourself out of things Schemas-mental grouping Ex cow walks into the class room or a cop comes into the classroom Designed to feel good about themselves Altruistic- showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others Ex-very rare never 100%, donating body for science, parenting society and culture Culture is part society Culture is the language, belief , the norm, behavior ,values and objects passed down Beliefs- have faith in a idea something we believe in it is real Ex: capitalism, hard org, the American dream Values- morals are value, fairness, putting it on a higher pedestal.

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