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How Society Affects Education Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Importance Of Education

The piece is very appealing and convincing to the readers because the words used were simple and clear, the construction of thoughts and Ideas were organized which made It easy to understand, relate and connect to real life situation.

Essay Example on Impact Of Education On Society

It clearly defined what a society Is and how It greatly affects education. Ideas were mostly based on factual, experiences, and observations. Somehow, It overlooked some examples that would expound and elaborate further pollens and Ideas. Citing examples Is an effective way to help readers apprehend its intention and realize how great and influential are personal experiences in a study. Even without extensive research, the author could still make up this article because conceptions of ideas derived directly from our prior knowledge and experiences.

For these reasons, it made the readers to react and interact from the article they read. The author shows neutrality about the topic and presents a balanced view about society and education though it overemphasized on how society influences education which is the focus of this piece. This is how complicate to criticize this kind of piece sometimes because both entities are equally Important, Influences and Is dependent to the existence of each other.

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Ill – REACTION Basically, Interaction between the article and the reader or (Interaction between the author and the reader) is evident enough that the piece itself was quite interesting. Interesting in the sense that it touches our lives may it directly or indirectly like how we socialize within a group and how we learn from it. After reading, I realized that we play a vital role in society and education. There can be no found society without the interaction of people within it.

Meaning, we are the foundation of society and the beginning of educational institution. If society and education are inseparable entities, we are therefore the center of learning process and can never be departed from both. I agree that learning doesn’t exist merely inside the four corners of the lassoer but more on the external forces, our environment. What we do, we see and we hear, we learn from It. We are the drive force of our own lives and create values.

In creating and upholding our values, there always come societal factors such as customs, traditions and laws which affect of what we are becoming. Like for Instance, In leaning Witt a group you need to consoler Uninominal Territories In order to understand and adjust to the environment. This is because we need to belong in a group, able to interact and learn afterwards. Belongingness and acceptance in a rope or society is as important as society to education. We need to feel that we belonged and accepted in order to continue learning and imparting knowledge to others.

Obviously, the people are the institution where learning and education began. In my own point of view, the author intended to confuse the readers whether his piece is one-sided or balanced for us to evaluate critically and comprehensively until we would come up to a conclusion that would support and strengthen our analysis regarding the issue. For me, it is well-balanced because the author never eaves out the concept of education only that he overemphasized how society influences on education.

This has not been biased in a reason that the author focused on the subject matter itself to make realization and Justification of the topic. The author even stressed out that “Society and education are tightly bound entities and hence cannot be separated from each other”. From this statement we can say that there is fairness and equity as to role, importance and impacts of society and education to each other. The difference only is that society has been overemphasized since it is the focus of the issue.

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The following sample is written by Matthew who studies English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan. All the content of this paper is his own research and point of view on How Society Affects Education and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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