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Social Networking – trend in the world of social interaction Paper

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Social Networking

Social networking is an advancing trend in the world of social interaction. Many people are now connected via social networks that can be accessed using the internet. Two of the most popular of these social sites are Facebook and twitter. Facebook has been credited for bringing many people together strangers and friends alike. Twitter also commands a large following in these social circles. Twitter is a social site like Facebook that enables people to meet and share. Both these sites have their shortcomings and strong points and people have varied and diverse reasons for being on either Facebook or twitter. To find out how these sites fare on in social networking one must analyze their performance in terms of securing user information, providing a comprehensive interaction platform and the scope of its user base.

One reason why people use these sites is the interaction platform they provide. Facebook has had a significant impact on the social lives of many people. It enables people from different countries and cultures to share on an interactive platform. Its availability on many mobile devices has made it accessible to people from all lifestyles. People of all ages and genders can now use it to monitor friends and family all over the world. Twitter on the other hand is not as social as Facebook. Twitter users follow ideas, people and conversations that please them. The amount of interaction on twitter is limited compared to Facebook .Facebook is therefore more re liable and effective for social interaction than twitter.

Both sites also offer a wide audience. People who want to reach large audiences can do so via Facebook or twitter. Facebook has over one billion users while the number of twitter user’s as at January 2013 was around half a billion. The large numbers of users who use Facebook and twitter everyday provide a wide and worldwide audience for business people and news companies. People who want to pass a message across using these social sites are assured of reaching a large number of people.

There are significant differences between these two sites however. For instance, while Facebook does not limit the number of words or characters used while posting or commenting on your wall twitter limits posts or ‘tweets’ to 140 characters. There is therefore a significant difference in interaction levels allowed in the two sites. Facebook users have the freedom of posting entire pages while twitter users are limited to a few characters.

The two sites have score differently when it comes to securing the privacy of the user. Facebook performs poorly when it comes to ensuring user privacy. Facebook requires users to provide a lot of personal information on their accounts. It however does not provide effective security measures to protect user privacy. Vital user information can be accessed by external sources without the user’s knowledge. On the other hand, twitter requires very little user information. It has set down measures that assist in securing user privacy. One example is the app that suggests who to follow. In terms of privacy, twitter provides more security of information than Facebook.

Facebook and twitter provide reliable platforms for social interaction. Their performance as social sites can be measured by the way the two sites protect user information, the audience that can be reached by each social site, flexibility in use and the level of interaction they provide. Both twitter and Facebook perform differently. Facebook is more interactive, more flexible and provides for a wife reach. Twitter on the other hand scores better than Facebook on the privacy issue only. Facebook has a greater advantage in social interaction than twitter given its superiority in the above categories. Thus, when it comes to providing an interaction platform Facebook emerge as the better of the two sites.

About the author

This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Social Networking – trend in the world of social interaction and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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