Docs Google+ Gmail Calendar more All DocsEdit Read college essay Smart Shopping An average shopper in your average drugstore goes to find the next item on his grocery list. “Cheerios” it reads. When the shopper arrives at the isle where Cheerios can be found, he comes across a different box. “Sweet O’s” is the name on the box, and right under the name in a smaller font it reads “Generic-brand Cheerios. ” The shopper examines the list of ingredients on both boxes of cereals and notices that they are nearly identical.

Then the shopper looks at the amount of cereal in each ox, again each box has about the same amount of cereal in it as the other. The cereals’ prices, however, couldn’t be more different. The box of Cheerios is $3. 75, and the box of Sweet O’s is $1. 25. If you were in this shopper’s position, which box of cereal would you buy? Smart shoppers are known to purchase the generic-brand and save a little money rather than pay for the name on the box.

When looking at colleges, I looked into enrolling in classes at my local community college, the same way smart shoppers will look into buying generic-brand groceries. An article ublished by The John Hopkins University Press in 2006 reads, “Community colleges enroll almost half of all undergraduates in the United States… With about 1200 institutions nationwide, community colleges have made significant progress over the past decade in opening access and have become a critical entry point to a higher education for many Americans who traditionally have been left out.

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. The current price of tuition at a four-year college is almost triple that of a community college. The average first two years of college for a student is fulfilling general education equirements. By simply attending a Junior college I can fulfill the general education requirements necessary to transfer to a University, while saving tens of thousands of dollars. Doing my laundry, cooking my meals, paying my bills. Those are Just three of many things my parents do for me on a daily basis.


If my parents aren’t kicking me out of my house, I don’t think there is any reason to leave. When you go away to college you usually will have to buy meal plan at the school in order to eat, and have to pay to in order to use the dorms laundry machines. At community college I can go o class and still come back home knowing that a fresh meal, and clean clothes will be there waiting for me. My transition from highschool to college will be a breeze having the support of my parents still. Forty percent of all college freshmen are “undecided. If you know your major, it makes sense to take specific general education that said major requires. But if you don’t know your major why spend all that money onA lot of students who go away to college will switch majors within their first two years; which makes sense because at eighteen years old, I find it hard to elieve that anyone can already have a career path chosen. Staying home and taking classes at my community college will give me time to explore and fgure out what I’m interested in[a].

A smart shopper doesn’t purchases generic brand groceries because of the taste or the quality, the buy them because they’re cheap. My reasoning behind attending community college is Just a simple; money, and the amount of it I’ll have later on in life by choosing to go to community college now. In my first paragraph I used imagery when I described a shopper in a grocery store to draw the reader in. I think I did it quite successfully because I have a solid first paragraph that is very descriptive for the reader.

I also used the repetition of the word and idea of money to show that money is in fact my main reason for choosing community college Vs a four year school. I use voice and honesty when talking about not wanting to leave Docs education that said major requires. But if you dont know your major why spend all leave home to have the essay appear to be more personal. classes at my community college will give me time to explore and figure out what I’m Vs a four year school.

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