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small business Essay

small business BY 7us3tn Contents Introduction and Background Information In our coffee shop we will produce pizza, sandwich donut, shisha, coffee, tea, Juice, donut and sweets to customer. Also service we have some service such as draw customer, give charge for telephone on every table and internet WIFI service. When we search about the location for our coffee shop we identify three locations Manama or Jidali or in Mall but we select the Jidali road because Manama not have enough barking and the mall the rent will be high.

In our idea we start our business after six onth because we are studying now and we should be have lot of time to focus in sandwich and draw customer. We have some goals we need apply it in the future: Short – term aims: 1 . Understand customer believe 2. Attract as we can customer. 3. Give the customer service at high quality. 4. Get good profit. Long – term aims: 1 . Open new brunch when our coffee is acceptable be customer. 2. Establish image for our business and improve it. 3. Open new branch in outside of Bahrain.

The cost of business is the all money we are pays it for running our business such as expenses and fixed assts. Type of cost Such as Purchase / Rent / Paid Amount (BD) Premises The workplace Rent 300 Equipment Machine (Oven, Fridge, etc… ) Purchase Furniture Chairs, Tables, etc… Supplies Stock purchase 1850 (for first six month) Running cost Insurance, advertising, telephone bill, Electricity & Water bill Paid 4000 (for first six month) Staff Salary, insurance Paid 4500 (for first six month) We select HSBC to get loan and Tamkeen will support us to paid 50% of the interest.

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Because we are 4 we can get BD 20000 (5000BD for every member). Executive summary We will open coffee shop and in this coffee shop we will sell food and provide special services for our customer. In our idea the location of our business will be in Jidali and we think we can open it after six month. Our idea is creative and the customer will like our coffee shop. In our mind we need attract the customer by provide good service and get good profit. In future we need expand our business. Our business is small business we are managing the business.

Of course we need the money but their things also required to running our business such as people to work to do the work. In the production process our business need machine required to running the work also need the material and employees need also for the work. The layout of the coffee shop should be arranged in suitable way and we arrange it in our own to be acceptable for all customer. For the marketing plan we select some way to attract the customer such as give coupon to special customer, all food and service free for opening day, put advertisement in newspaper and magazine and distribute the image for our business.

We have clear organization structure and distribute the roles between us in the work every partner get responsibility on one department. For the financial plan we select get loan to cover the shortage and start our business with strong capital. We expect in first six month we don’t have so much profit we focus on build name for our business. Description of Business We select coffee shop to Join to the market. It is success business today most of people spend their time in this place and we can take advantage of it by attract the customer in short time.

Also we have new idea by provide new style sandwich and pizza in Bahrain and their drawing customer this idea our business will be more successful. As we said in the introduction we start our business after six month but before we open it we go to Jidali to see the best location in our option because the ocation is important for the business to be successful. Also we should provision request to the Ministry of Commerce for our business to give us Commercial Register.

Then after we get the Commercial Register and select the location we identify the important resource to our business we should have equipment, material, energy source, financial resources, physical resources and human resources. The important resource: Equipment: We should some important machine for our business such as: For the cook activates: 2. Dishwasher 3. Meat and Chicken Cutter 4. Vegetable Cutter 5. Cooking Ovens 6. Oven-Baked Bread 7. Refrigerators Cooling 8. Blender Juice 9. Frying Potatoes 10. Frying Electric Fillet And Burger 12. The Coffee And Tea Maker 13.

Ice Making Machine 14. Microwave 15. Blender Cake Some important things for the running business 2. Tables and Chairs 3. Gas Cylinders 4. Crews Of Utensils Material: We need the material to make our product. And this includes: 1. Meats 2. Chickens 3. Vegetable 4. Fruits 5. Cheese 6. Milk 7. Drinking water 8. Spices 9. Ketchup 10. Mayonnaise 11. Oil 12. salt 13. Mustard 14. Flour 15. Yeast 16. Baking Powder 17. Bicarbonate of Sodium 18. Cream 19. Eggs 20. Chocolates 21 . Flavours For Cream And Cake 2. Sugar & Brown Sugar 23. Biscuits 25. Jam 26. Milk Powder 27. Starch 28.

Cream Caramel 29. Custard Powder 30. Jelly 31 . Chocolate Syrup 32. Strawberry Syrup 33. Caramel Syrup 34. Semolina 35. Cappuccino Powder 36. -rea 37. Coffey 38. Butter 39. honeyed 40. Sweet Pastry Energy-source 1. Gas 2. coal 3. Water 4. Electricity Financial resources: For our business we select HSBC to get loan and Tamkeen will support us to paid 50% of the interest. Because we are 4 we can get BD 20000 (5000BD for every member). Physical resources The business need place to start and running the operation and the location of the lace should be suitable for this type of business.

Because this the business need: 1 . Suitable building. 2. Car parking. 3. Toilet and washing inside the building human resources: Our business needs people to running the operation in the coffee shop. So in our business we need choose perfect and good staff to achieve the goals and success the business. The size of our business: huge capital to start this business. The small business can help us to start slowly in the market and in the time we will growth our work. Total cost of first six month: May be same this. Type of cost 2000 Number of employees required:

We are four owners we will take the managing of the business and we need eight employees under us to running the work. The expected sales turnover: 2 3 4 5 6 Cash Sales 1200 1 500 1950 Production plan We have product to produce it to the customer we should have Oven-Baked Bread to break the pastry and Cooking Ovens to cook the foods to the customer because this the kitchen should have the all necessary equipment for cooking all our goods. Production program production program Sl. NO name of product total quantity production per day per month per year Special Donut Pizza 10 3600 Pizza (meat, chicken, etc… 5 750 Donut sandwich 14400 Shisha 2400 28800 Coffee -rea 3000 36000 7 Large Juice 20 7200 8 Medium Juice 10800 9 Small Juice 50 18000 Donut 2700 32400 11 1800 21600 12 Crossan 65 23400 13 Chess sandwich 70 2100 25200 Physical plant layout of the coffee shop Machinery and Equipment Name and specifications of machinery Total no. required price per unit Total price name of suppliers Dishwasher BHD Geant 360. 000 Meat and Chicken Cutter 500. 000 Vegetable Cutter 20. 000 Cooking Ovens 350 BHD 700. 000 Almoayyed Oven-Baked Bread BHD 500. 000 Refrigerators Cooling 220 BHD 660. 000 Lemarche Blender Juice

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