Sinaloa Cartel

This organization is one of the major drug smuggling cartels in Mexico as it operates in Sinaloa and Chihuahua. Joaqin Guzman was believed to be the head of this cartel. It is involved in the smuggling and distribution of illegal substances and narcotics in the United States of America. The cocaine is smuggled from Latin America to Mexico from where it is transported to the United States of America. The Cali and Medellin cartels are also reported to be providing assistance and logistics support to the Sinaloa cartel.

The cartel has also linked itself with the Juarez cartel as an alliance to counter the threat posed by the Gulf and Tijuana cartels. During the 1980s, the drug cartel was the largest drug trafficking organization in Mexico (Cook, 78). It has used innovative methods like using tunnels to smuggle narcotics across the border between the United States and Mexico. Hector Palma became the head of the cartel after the arrest of Guzman. The group also operates the Los Negros which is a paramilitary outfit that is used to counter the Gulf Cartel’s Los Zetas.

This group is run by Edgar Valdez. It has been involved in carrying out assassinations and decapitations of its rivals and law enforcement agents. Nuevo Laredo, Acapulco, and Guerrero have been the center of the drug wars between the rival cartels (Cook, 78). Numerous people have been killed in these clashes. The Sinaloa cartel has been targeted by the Mexican army as part of the program to fight drug cartels.

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Tijuana Cartel This cartel operates in the Northwestern parts of Mexico.

It has been considered as a violent and large criminal organization. Ramon Eduardo Felix was the founder of this drug cartel. Brutal acts of violence are a feature of the drug cartel as demonstrated in the murder of eighteen people in Ensenada in September 1998 (Cook, 82). This cartel was one of the largest organized crime groups in Mexico but has run into troubles because of confrontations with the Mexican government. Gulf Cartel The Gulf Cartel is one of the major drug cartels in Mexico which has been fighting against the Sinaloa Cartel.

It has influence in the cities of Reynosa and Neuvo Laredo (Cook, 85). It is also a major transporter, smuggler, and distributor of cocaine and heroine. It has been known to use violent and brutal methods like decapitation to intimidate and kill opponents and law enforcement agents. The cartel is also believed to collect revenue from border smugglers and business organizations. These taxes ensure that no one will be struck if they are passing through their territory.

It has also believed to be linked with kidnapping and extortion of local businessmen. As the Sinaloa Cartel moved into their territory, they deployed the Los Zetas which as a paramilitary organization. This consisted of ex Mexican army men. Fighting between these groups has resulted in heavy casualties as hundreds of people have been killed. The expertise and training of the Los Zetas has led to the development of a sophisticated and ruthless drug cartel.

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