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This is my first review. I do not know how to write them. Absolutely. But really want to share my impressions)

One day, on my bookshelf I found this book. I was already familiar with Anna Gavalda on the product “I’d love to have someone somewhere waiting.” Book liked to read very easily. The reading was involved quickly. The same thing happened with “just together”.

On the first day, I read the first part. From myself I did not expect.

I just “left” in the book, fully imbued with the characters. Camille, Franck, Philibert and Paulette – everyone has their own lives, everyone has their own story. They are completely different. But they are united by solitude.

Yes, they are alone. Frank, who threw the mother, Camille, who lost his father, Philibert, if “white crow” for his family and Paulette, Franck’s grandmother, her husband’s funeral, and hating his own daughter …

Simply Together

All of these characters are looking for ourselves: Frank in cooking, Camille in the drawing, in the history of Philibert and Paulette in love all these guys.

They live together, just together. And one day realize that they have something in common. And this is something – a family. Each of them, as such families were not, but now there is. I think each of them dreamed of a family. And this dream has become a reality

Heartful book about love, friendship, life …

If you are in search of himself, life goes awry or just the soul cat scratch -.

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It book for you. It will make you smile, make fall in love with these characters, it will give some inspiration to help you overcome all difficulties)

Enjoy reading!)

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Simply Together Book Review
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