Sieve Analysis Lab Report

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The objective of this experiment is to obtain the grading curve for both fine and coarse aggregate. 1. Balance – balance or scale used in testing fine and coarse aggregates shall have readability and accuracy as follows: For fine aggregate, readable to 0. 1 g and accurate to 0. 1 g or 0. 1 % of the test load. For coarse aggregate, or mixtures of fine and coarse aggregate, readable and accurate to SO g or 0. 1 % of the test load. 2. Sieves – the sizes and apertures appropriate to the specification tot the material being tested, complying with BBS 410: For coarse aggregate, standard vive size of 50.

Mm, 37. 5 mm, 20. 0 mm, 14. 0 mm, 10. 0 mm, 5. 0 mm and 2. 36 mm (Fig. CLC-l), Poor fine aggregate, standard sieve size of ICC mm, 5. 00 mm, 2,36 mm, 1. 18 mm, mm, 300 m and 150 m (Fig. ICC-2). 3. Mechanical Sieve Shaker a mechanical sieving device, used to create vibration of the sieve to cause the particles to bounce. 4. Oven – an oven of appropriate size capable of maintaining a uniform temperature of Acoustic. PROCEDURES Fine Aggregate I.

Representative sample was chosen by quartering (according to BBS 812: Part 102: 1984) or by use of a sample splitter (Fig. CO-3).

The sample to be tested should be the approximate weight desired when dry. For this experiment, about 500 grams of fine aggregate was weighed. 2. The samples was dried to constant weight in the furnace at a temperature of 1050 C. 3. The samples was cooled down. The desired sieves was nested in order of decreasing aperture size from top to bottom. 4 The sample was placed on the top sieve and the sieves was agitated by mechanical sieve shaker for a sufficient period so that after completion, not more than one percent by weight of the residue on any individual sieve will pass that sieve.

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Sieves Analysis

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