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Should the Harry Potter series be censored? Paper

Should the Harry Potter series be censored? Should the Harry Potter series be banned from schools and libraries? I don’t think there is anybody in modern countries who hasn’t at least heard of Harry Potter and his adventures at Hogwarts School for witches and wizardry. The Harry Potter series is a widely popular children’s book. The series has sold about 450 million copies worldwide and has been translated to 67 languages, and the most recent four books have set record as the fastest-selling books in history. “If you had mentioned Harry

Potter 13 years ago, people would have thought it was someone’s accountant” says Steve Kloves (Harry Potter’s screenwriter). “Now you can go to Zimbabwe and everyone knows who that is. It’s almost like Jo Rowling invented a color. ” Even though this series has millions of fans around the world, there some people who think that these books do not fit children. Ever since becoming popular, the series has become a center of controversy. The challenges on this series are made by parents who think these books promote magic, witchcraft and satanism.

As for me, I share the view that the Harry Potter books should not be banned from schools or libraries. Now that technology is advancing in a rapid way, people are instantly getting into the electronic entertainment world. To begin with, children nowadays often ask for electronics for their present than books. Children are more interested in what video games to play rather than what books to read. Harry Potter books sharply contrast by drawing children away from the internet, video games and television. Children are becoming interested in reading novels.

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These novels interest children in reading other than the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is such an action-packed story that it disposed children to willingly tackle words, sentences and paragraphs that are above their readability level. When a child reads, he/she gets practice at interpreting, learns to read with less effort and develops a vocabulary of words and reading habit. If children are interested in these books, taking them away from them might affect their love of reading books. Harry Potter is a good role model for children in certain ways.

I think the biggest thing a person can learn from Harry Potter is the importance of friendship. This series teaches children how important it is to have good friends that support you in anything you do. The series shows how valuable friendship is- not Just the sunny side but the rocky roads filled with fights and arguments that will inevitably come when you grow up alongside people. Harry Potter educates children that being loyal to your friends is very important even when turning your back on one another would be the easy choice.

Despite all the hard breaks he has in his life, Harry still manages to persist over his enemies. Learning to face fears, standing up for what you believe in and understanding that people with different backgrounds can work together and become friends. These all teach children a good lesson which they can practice throughout their life. Some say that Harry Potter should be banned from school classrooms and libraries because they have this belief that Harry Potter teaches witchcraft, sorcery and satanism. As Blume stated ” Evil can be tound lurking every. vnere these days. Banning these books from schools won’t solve anything. What many of this people have seemed to have forgotten is there is no bound for a child’s imagination. The reason why children love these books and characters is because many already have belief in magical things. It has nothing to do with evil or satanism, simply the innocence of a child’s imagination. In fact, taking these books away from children and prohibiting a love of reading is causing more harm than anything they find in the pages. To conclude, I believe the idea of censoring these books is wrong.

Instead, I think hat it’s better for parents and teachers to take advantages of the good fortunes offered by this series to increase children’s interest in reading and writing. However, if one’s parents don’t want their kid to read these books, they can ask the school libraries not to give away the books unless the child has his/her parent’s permission. According to the first amendment, there is a freedom of press. A book cannot be banned Just because a few people don’t agree t pot. Finally, I think Harry Potter is a wonderful story and if children like it it’s not fair to take it away from them.

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