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should education be a desire or an option? Paper

English 60B April 29, 2013 Should Education Be a Desire or an Option? In Anita Garland’s essay “Let’s Really Reform Our Schools” she suggests that the school districts should deny the troubled students a spot in school. She says that troubled students should be denied a spot in school if theyre not going to put any effort in school and not show some respect to the people around them. I do agree with her suggestion! These students are Just taking up space and wasting not only their time but also the staffs’ time. Garland is basically saying is that the school’s administration isn’t doing any good to these students.

All the administration is doing is causing more problems and frustration between the troubled students, the good students, and the staff. Garland says what the school district needs to do is stop forcing the troubled students to attend school so that the teachers and other staff stop wasting time on trying to make troublemakers have an interest in school and focus more on the students that want to be successful and have a good future. The punishments we have now do not work, so a ban is the only answer for this problem. Students now don’t care if they get suspended; they take it as a vacation.

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Also, most of them think that they look “cool” in front of the other students. For example, during my Junior and senior year of high school I participated in the Education Academy. Most of the students were well behaved, except for one, her name was Raylinda. Raylinda liked to get a lot of attention from other students. She would accomplish this by always yelling across the room, singing out loud, Jumping around the class room, talking back to staff, and the list goes on. The teachers did not know what else to do with her. So they came up with a solution and it was suspension, but Raylinda didn’t care she would take it as a vacation.

Students need to understand the value of free education. Kids in other countries don’t have the opportunity to go to school like the kids here in the United States, and for these troubled students to Just through their education away, it’s Just not right. If these students don’t want to get an education, teachers and parents should send them to get a Job, and let them realize how hard it is to earn a living without a high school diploma and a college degree. For instance, most of the kids in Mexico that don’t want to continue on going to school have to go work. But it’s no easy Job!

They have to wake up at 4:00am to go work on the fields, and they don’t come home until 6:00pm. Some also have to work in factories that are extremely dangerous. In conclusion, instead of forcing troubled students to attend school, they should make them work. Let them find out for themselves that having the opportunity of free education is a really big privilege that other kids wish they had. So enough of wasting time on these ungrateful students, send them to work! Garland, A rs Really ReTorm our scnools. ” EngllsnsKlllwltnrea01ngs. Langan. Boston: Mc Graw Hill, 2008. Print.

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