Should Colorum Vehicles be Allowed to be Used by Commuters

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This essay sample on Colorum Vehicles provides all necessary basic information on this matter, including the most common “for and against” arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.

Should colorum vehicles be allowed to be used by commuters?

More people choose to transpose than conveying their ain vehicles. As a consequence, the figure of commuters is increasing. Due to assorted Numberss of commuters, PUVs are non plenty to suit all of them. Every minute, there are tonss of commuters are going/coming in the terminus to go to their finish but the job is, they are waiting for the following trip of the coachs, new waves, other PUVs to get in the terminuss.

And to believe, some public vehicles like coachs have the interval of 30 proceedingss to travel on to the following trip. It is non a good thought. Have you of all time experienced waiting so long for PUVs in the terminuss? It is deadening, annoying, and at the same clip, palling right? So, authorities should do a move on how this sort of job will be traveling to work out.

They should allow the colorum vehicles to go.

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The intent of allowing colorum vehicles to go is that commuters are normally tardily. First of all, most Filipinos are go forthing at first-come-first-serve hr. We should accept it, because it is the world. They are naming it “ Filipino Time “ because that’s our character. It is on our nature, we are ever pressured and tense because we are running out of clip.

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Typically, they will get to their specific finish already tardily because of traffics. When it is first-come-first-serve hr, expect heavy traffics everyplace because maximal Numberss of vehicles travel/going in different topographic points and vehicles can non travel fast because it is bumper to bumper. The traffic will devour all of your clip because you are stocked in the center of it. In fact, there is an incident that it is non traveling for like several proceedingss and sometimes, hours. But with the colorum vehicles, you are exempted on traffics and you will non see it because normally, colorum are go forthing early so that they will be free from it.

Another thing is the entree of riders. We all know that coach, new waves, landrovers and other public public-service corporation vehicles can non suit the figure of riders because it is increasing and increasing each twenty-four hours base on balls. Some commuters are standing at coach merely to do it in category and in work on clip. Even misss and seniors, they are taking the hazards. They don’t mind how long they are traveling to stand because what’s on their head is that they don’t want to be tardily because at the terminal of the twenty-four hours, they were the 1 who will endure. And to believe, others are coming from different states. Imagine how many hours they are traveling to stand, it is really exhausting. Those long thrusts and long travel clip will allow their energy go down. How can they prolong their energy for the remainder of the twenty-four hours? They will experience sleepy and they can non concentrate on the certain undertaking and end they need to make for the twenty-four hours because they get tired early in the forenoon and the temper that they will traveling to show is negative like acquiring annoyed, angry, annoyed and irritated.

Colorums can besides utilize alternate paths when traveling on a trip. They can avoid heavy traffics. Normally, public vehicles that are registered have specific paths that they are traveling to utilize. If they take on different paths merely to avoid the traffic, they will acquire caught by the traffic hatchet mans or MMDA to be exact. They will confront the effects that they have made because they violated the regulations of the MMDA. MMDA is really rigorous when it comes to PUVs because largely they were the 1 who normally gets caught up. They are ever acquiring the attending of the MMDA because of the things that they are making. You will merely see PUVs stopped on the side and hatchet mans are speaking to them. Because of that, they will be prohibited to go for a few yearss. If they are banned, they won’t have income for yearss. They won’t have boundary for yearss. Boundary is the term that PUV drivers used and it refers to the money they will take on the precise twenty-four hours or in other words, their wage.

Some Filipinos are non in favour in leting the colorum vehicles to go and to be used by commuters. Other PUVs’ operators say that they don’t have the rights to do a trip because they are non registered. I understand what they are indicating out. However, it is for the benefit of commuters. They will non endure at waiting for following trip and waiting for long lines. Normally, commuters don’t have any auto to convey or sit on it so what they will make is to transpose. They don’t have any pick sing on it. They can non walk or even convey bike alternatively of transposing because they are non allowed to come in freewaies when walking or siting in a bike. The lone thing that the freeway allowed is when you are on vehicle. If they will non let the colorums to go, the commuters who ever ride on the colorums will be stressed because they are used to it and it’s comfy for them. They will happen another drive and another topographic point because the topographic point where they are siting before is gone and the vehicle that they are traveling to sit is banned and it is because of some Filipinos who are non in favour of it.

Many argue that colorums are the 1 who causes traffic. They say that because of colorums, they are sing heavy traffic. I understand their point of position. However, if colorums will be banned, the figure of commuters will increase one time once more. The lines will be longer compared to the clip that there are colorums. Plus the drivers will endure a batch because they don’t have occupation any longer. Not merely the drivers but their households, if they have any or if they are the breadwinner of their household. Where will they acquire money merely to prolong their demands for the twenty-four hours? Where they can happen occupations if they didn’t alumnus? They can, but non all of them and it can take them for hebdomads or months merely to happen another occupation. See? Those who argue are merely believing on themselves and the things that will profit them. Why non seek to believe on the possible effects on both parties and seek to reflect. It will be O.K. if the 1 who argues are traveling to prolong the demands of the drivers. But they can non make it and they will non make it.

Others say that they are non registered on the LTFRB and it is unjust to those who are registered. I understand what they are indicating out. However, the colorum operators are merely wise plenty and really practical in their life. They know how to manage their life in general. If they are registered in the LTFRB, are we certain that the franchise in operating that they are traveling to pay is in good custodies? Or those LTFRB members will merely maintain it and utilize it for their ain? Largely, they will merely maintain it because we all know that the Filipino Government is making this pattern. Even if they are non stating it to us, we can calculate it out by merely seeing the roads. Some roads are already broken and have deep holes. You can see signage that has cautiousnesss. The authorities will non do action right off ; it will take hebdomads merely to work out that job.

Finally, authorities should approve the usage of colorum vehicles. It is one manner that commuters can be comfy on the trips because they can sit, loosen up or even sleep at the colorum vehicles. They will non see standing and waiting for their bend to sit on the public vehicles and it will be stress-free for them. It is really convenient to them. Without colorum vehicles, there will be negative effects to the commuters and they will endure a batch.

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