Sheila's Changing Character in Play

I agree with this statement because at the beginning of the play Sheila seems very bubbly and she is always happy about everything, but as the truth comes out as the play goes on Sheila becomes unhappy and more and more upset. Eric changes as the play goes on because at the start of the play he can drink as much as he likes and the family won’t notice how much he is drinking because they don’t suspect him to be a heavy drinker.

When Arthur and Sybil find out everyone turns against him and Eric realises what his family are really like. We learn that each of the characters are like one another in there own kind of way, thinking is nothing to worry about for the family, life is great. The writer shows that the characters are pleased with themselves by using happy phrases and making sure nobody snaps at one another. This is at the start of the play of course.

I think Sheila changes the most throughout the play because when she accepts her guilt she wants to hear everybody else’s story and make them accept what they have done. Sheila is impressionable, and deeply affected by what the Inspector reveals to her family throughout the play, she also uses slang phrases such as you’re squiffy (page 3) towards Eric to indicate that he is drunk. Her use of slang expressions help emphasise her youth.

Who Is Eric Birling

However at the beginning of the play when shiela’s story is revealed she seems to have very similarities to her father Mr Birling.

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She seems very selfish and full of self-importance. An example of this behaviour is when shiela gets Eva Smith fired from her job at millwards just because Eva smiled at another assistant when she was trying something onb which both the assistant and shiela’s mother objected to before hand.

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Sheila's Changing Character in Play
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