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Shantaram Review Paper

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Paper type: Review , Subject: Bollywood

Essay on “Shantaram”

Here you have to seed a brief biography of the author:

– He was born in 1952 in Melbourne, Australia

– Co-founder of Anarchist Party National Liberation, 1969

– The activist movements of building trade unions 1972 < / p>

Shantaram Summary Chapters

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– The co-founder of the Australian of the independence movement and the United front against fascism 1973

– Chairman of the student Council of the University of Melbourne, 1974

– The divorce with his wife, a court ban on visits with her daughter, addicted to heroin, 1976

– a series of armed robberies (with a toy gun) 1977

– The capture, trial, 19 years old s life and a prison, 1978

– Escape from a maximum security prison Pentridzh, 1980

– With the help of biker gangs and the revolutionary youth movement travels to New Zealand on a false passport, 1980

– Double hiding after the arrest in New Zealand, the end of 1981

– Arriving in Bombay, India 1982

– He lives six months in the village (Maharashtra), where he studied the language Marathi

– lives in the slums of Bombay, establish a free clinic for slum dwellers and manages

– gets into the Indian prison for 4 months

– recruited Bombay mafie th, is trained on currency fraud, smuggling of weapons and false passports

– Participation in the fighting in Afghanistan

– combat injuries, evacuation to Pakistan, the recovery in the hospital and return to Bombay < / p>

– Appointed head of the unit responsible for the creation of false documents

– Starts to write short stories that are published in the periodical press

– Establishes a casting agency for extras foreign, Acted in Bollywood, he is involved in the filming of

-. Comes in Ge rmaniyu working singer creates a rock band signed a contract with the studio recording

– DOGS Interpol, running from house arrest in Switzerland, followed by Italy and returned to India

– starred in the film Bollywood and television productions, establish a travel agency in Mumbai

– The arrest in Frankfurt in 1990, imprisonment, together with a group of terrorists 1990-1991

– Self-taught to read and write in German extradited to Australia, the end of 1991

– Holds two years in solitary confinement, and then another 4 years in Tours IU common mode starts to write the novel, 1991-1997

– to develop their own original philosophical and cosmological theory (so-called Resolution Theory)

– Released from prison, ending parole 2002

– sold the rights for the publication of “Shantaram” in the US (St. Martin’s Press) and the UK (TimeWarner Books UK)

– publication of “Shantaram” in Australia, 2003

– Travels in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, 2004

– sells for $ 2.5 million of the right to shoot the film, Johnny Depp and Warner Brothers studios, October 2004

– to sell the rights to the Italian translation of the book, October 2004

– Proceeds to create a script for the film version of “Shantaram”, October 2004

you esch e is not enough? I quite. To all the other “advantages” (still taking in quotes) Roberts also writes well. language of the book is very lively and beautiful, and most importantly – a bright, images are drawn in the mind very clearly. However – this is a good feature of the authors, who know what they are writing. This biography may not be uninteresting, and it was not her. The book is magnificent. Take a break from the worlds invented and invented characters. Read, no way inferior to the saturation, the story of a real person in our real, amazing, interesting and terribly so different, world. I recommend to all. You will not regret never


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