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Shah Flavor SWOT Essay Paper

ES Fusion Enterprise ( ES Fusion ) is one of the companies that monitor by Small and Medium Enterprise ( SME ) . The name of their merchandise is a Shah Flavor Char Kuey Teow. This company located at Plot 8. Jalan Ep5. Melaka Halal Hub Serkam. 77300 Serkam Jasin. Melaka. The proprietor of this company is Mr. Mohamed Shaharini Bin Abdul Ghani. In Shah Flavor Char Kuey Teow production. Mr. Shaharini use the good quality of oyster sauce and fish sauce. Beside that. ES Fusion besides gets the enfranchisement from Jabatan Islam Malaysia ( JAKIM ) for their chief merchandise based on nutrient industries is Char Kuey Teow.

ES Fusion was established on 15 January 2010 by publishing nutrient merchandise legitimate under the trade name Syah Flavor that more focal point on Sos Char Kuey Teow. The capital for get downing a concern Mr. Shaharini merely uses the household capital and besides utilizing his ain money to get down their concern. the capital every bit much as RM8. 000 to purchase the natural stuff and besides equipment to do the Char Kuey Teow sauce. In the beginning. Mr. Shaharini was working as a chef in a five star Hotel in Kuala Lumpur and that is the ground why her involvement in cooking country. finally Mr. Shaharini start her Char Kuey Teow sauce concern based on the construct of familial household formulas.

For the start concern. ES Fusion uses a traditional manner or manual to cook the Char Kuey Teow sauces. The traditional manner Mr. Shaharini must engage several people to bring forth the sauce and the quality of the sauce is more low because they can non do are more sauce so will give impact on demand from clients. Besides that. they must work early in the forenoon to get down their work in treating the Char Kuey Teow Sauce. In this clip. Mr. Shaharini embark their concern with merely sell on a little graduated table of their Char Kuey Teow Sauce in the market and its more to demand or order by the client than they will bring forth the sauce.

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After several old ages dabbling work as a chef in the hotel and larn more about the formula of sauce. Mr. Shaharini experience confident and afford to widen this sauce into the large market. So. he applies capital grant from SME Corp to purchase machine that can better their production of doing the sauce. Mr. Shaharini acquire loans as much RM20. 000 from SME Bank for their first application. With this aid. En. Shaharini had purchased bomber machine. filter machine and other equipment to do the sauce. By utilizing this machine it can assist Mr. Shaharini to do certain their operation becomes easier.

In the startup concern. En. Shaharini start began by selling Char Kuey Teow at the dark market and the turning demand. Mr. Shaharini has expanded its concern by utilizing the trade name name of the Shah Flavor sauce. En. Shaharini besides have been a good relationship with authorities sector Perladang and Pertanian where En. Shaharini so commission members under this authorities.

In add-on. acquire aid from SME Corp. ES Fusion besides received acknowledgment from the Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani ( MOA ) . Under the MOA. they have got the extra aid in term of fiscal facets which aims to acquire as many stuffs and better their mills. In add-on. they besides get and work under Halal Hub Malaysia. In halal Hub Malaysia. location of company ES Fusion has been Plot 8. Jalan Ep5. Melaka Halal Hub Serkam. 77300 Serkam Jasin. Melaka. This site is the new subdivision for Shah Flavor nutrient industries.

2. 0 Product Specification

3. 0 SWOT analysis ( Internal and External analysis )
SWOT analysis is a tool that identifies the strengths. failings. chances and menaces of an organisation. SWOT is a basic. straightforward theoretical account that assesses what an organisation can and can non make
every bit good as its possible chances and menaces. The method of SWOT analysis is to take the information from an environmental analysis and divide it into internal namely strength and failings and external issues viz. chances and menaces. Strength

Focused on one merchandise merely
The chief merchandise of ES FUSION is char kuey Teow sauce. The char kuey Teow sauces by ES FUSION are divided into three size viz. sauce in 5 litre. 750 milliliter. and the smaller are 360ml. The formula of the sauce comes from their uncle. ES FUSION do it as their secret formulas for their company. ES FUSION merely focuses on produce the char kuey Teow sauce. so their proprietor can do certain the quality of the sauce is good and can carry through the demand of clients. 10 old ages experience as head

The another strengths of ES FUSION is their proprietor have 10 old ages experience as chef. Before get downing their concern Mr. Shah works at the hotel as a chef. It is because. before he analyze in culinary at a private college. Based on their experience in the nutrient industries ES FUSION wants to start- up their ain concern because they have expertise in this field. Good relationship with provider

Good relationship with provider besides one of their strengths. It is because if the company have the good relationship with their provider it can be easier for them to acquire the natural stuff from them. Besides. when ES FUSION had the best relationship with a provider they can acquire the best monetary value from providers. The chief provider that ever provides natural stuff is one jobber that located at Kampung Jawa. Malacca.

ES FUSION in joint coaction with strategic spouse ES FUSION besides in joint coaction with strategic spouse viz. PELADANG and PERTANIAN. In joint coaction it is can be the one advantage to ES FUSION because PELADANG and PERTANIAN is one of the authorities sector. The proprietor of ES FUSION viz. Mr. Shah has a good relationship with PELADANG and PERTANIAN. It is because. Mr. Shah is one of the members in PELADANG. So from that. he can acquire many benefits like to acquire more support. audience
and many more from them. HALAL enfranchisement

ES FUSION is wholly a 100 per centum owned by Bumiputera. Besides that. the company besides gets the enfranchisement of hallmark halal from the Islamic spiritual section of Melaka. Malaysia. WEAKNESSES

Poor in finance and direction
One of the failings of ES FUSION is hapless in finance and direction. ES FUSION merely owned by one proprietor viz. Mohd Shaharini bin Abdul Ghani and merely work by itself without employee to assist him. For their finance they don’t have any proper history. FUSION merely writes their history on the log book and on their white board to remind her about the debt. income and result. Boxing non involvement

Boxing besides can be failings in their company because the packaging is non interested and so can non pull purpose of clients. Packaging and labeling of ES FUSION sauce is really crowded with their ain image. formulas and many more. Besides. the label of the sauce is really little and it can do client hard to place their beginning. Less systematic layout of mill

ES FUSION besides has a job with the layout of the mill. The layout of the mill is less systematic. It is because. their proprietor merely puts all of things like their sauce. natural stuffs. assets and others in one topographic point. An illustration. ES FUSION doesn’t separate their sauces that already desire to sell with the natural stuff that want to do the sauce. so the topographic points seem like messy and non systematic. Lack of work force

The one of the large failings of ES FUSION is deficiency of work force. It is because they non engage any employee to work with her. All of the work in the company/ mill merely making by their proprietor itself. From acquire the natural stuff into going end product they merely do it and for the selling and bringing besides do by the proprietor itself. OPPORTUNITIES

Help organize authorities sector ( PELADANG and PERTANIAN )
One of the chances that ES FUSION gets if from the authorities sector viz. PELADANG and PERTANIAN. When ES FUSION gets the aid organize authorities sector it is can be easier to ES FUSION to make betterment to their company. Market broad in Malaya

As we all know the market for nutrient in Malaysia is large. So. the one chances for ES FUCION is their char kuey Teow sauce is easy to utilize and it is suited to housewife that non hold adequate clip to pass their clip in the kitchen. Besides that it besides suited for clients that like char kuey Teow and hard to acquire it. with the sauce they can merely cook at place with easiness. Menace

New merchandise
As we all know ES FUSION is still new in market of char kuey Teow sauce. Because it is the new merchandise and new in the market the credence of the merchandise is still less because of less of publicity and others.

High transit cost
One of menace that ES FUSION faced is the high transit cost. It is because. ES FUSION delivers their stock of the sauce itself. If any company or individual that want their merchandises ES FUSION will present to them. So. it is must utilize the many cost of transit like TOL. fuel and many more. It is can be proved by lifting of oil monetary values were started on 3 September 2013. the monetary value will be increase 20cent per missive. This state of affairs besides can give the consequence to the company itself. The uncertain of natural stuff monetary values

As we all know the monetary value of natural stuff is uncertainness. So. it is can go the menace to ES FUSION. The natural stuff that ES FUSION ever uses to bring forth their merchandise is oyster sauce. fish sauce and many more. Rivals

The chief menace that all companies faced is about the rival. The chief rival to an ES FUSION company is Jai Char Kuey Teow and 2 Puteri. The both of the company besides produce the same merchandise like ES FUSION but in the different manner. Jai Char Kuey Teow is one merchandise that manufactured by Huzmy Entreprise. Jai Char kuey Teow merely produces 5 litter sauce. 2Puteri is one trade name under RM Ninetysixbillion Entreprise Company. 2Puteri non concentrate on char kuey Teow sauce but merely produce Chili Boh. 2puteri Char kuey Teow sauce merely produces the sauce in 350g.

4. 0 Rival
For ES Fusion Enterprise ( ES Fusion ) companies they are the exclusive maker of Char Kuey Teow in Malacca. Therefore. they do non hold rivals in Malacca where they have rivals outside its The Jai Char Kuey Teow and 2 Puteri Char Kuey Teow. Both of these companies produce flavoring or sauce Char Kuey Teow like Syah Flavor the merchandise by ES Fusion Enterprise ( ES Fusion ) company but they have a important differentiation between one another of the facets is a: 1. Productai Char Kuey Teow Jai Char Kuey Teow is 100 % autochthonal merchandises and it is nutrient heritage.

This merchandise is manufactured by Huzmy Enterprise and has been in the market for 3 old ages in Malaysia. The endeavor Huzmy company now one measure frontward by publishing booth construct simple. fast and delightful. A concern who’s who highlighted the franchise construct. a new construct where the chief ingredient they use is Kuey Teow.

The more of import for the Jai Char Kuey Teow they merely sell the sauce Char Kuey Teow by bundle that means by franchise. If person wants to get down the Char Kuey Teow concern they can come into Huzmy Enterprise. so under this company they will get down the concern Char Kuey Teow under the trade name Jai Char Kuey Teow. Cooking techniques and direction counsel will be given to anyone who would wish to run this concern under trade name Jai Char Kuey Teow. Under this franchise. anyone can fall in and take the more advantages given from them. it: No Franchise Fees ( Business merely franchise construct ) .

100 % manufactured by Bumiputera ( Huzmy Enterprise )
Merchandises that are based on the construct of nomadic booths and easy install ( which can be brought to the Expo. Bazaar Ramadhan. Stadium. Carnival and Night Market pleased arranged anyplace. Businesss are concerned about hygiene and merchandise quality is assured. Kiosk quality chromium steel ( 100 % unstained steel )

Merchandise of Malaysia’s first franchise construct that is based on Kuey Teow Mee Easy to acquire natural stuffs ( around food market shops and mini-markets ) Other particular merchandise from other heritage and enjoy a delightful repast. Cooking techniques and direction will be given counsel from Huzmy Enterprise to bring forth and steer enterprisers. Covering in full ( full -time ) or parttime ( parttime )

Own concern and no force per unit area from employers
High net income border!
Low -risk concern and fight.
Business construct Simple. Quick and Tasty.

Then for the bundle provided by Huzmy Enterprise is a:
For Sauce Bottles 5 Litter ( 35 helpings ) = RM34. 50
Cost & A ; Profit Dealer:
1 BOTTLE SOS = RM34. 50 + RM33. 00 = wet stuff capital
TOTAL = RM67. 50
35 home base X Minimum Price RM4. 00 = RM140. 00 ( Gross saless 1 home base )
35 home bases X RM6. 00 = RM210. 00 MAXIMUM PRICE ( Gross saless 1 home base )
Minimal Net income 100 %
Maximal Profit 150 %

2 Puteri Char Kuey Teow

RM Ninetysixbillion Enterprise company was established on July 27. 2010 with the issue of nutrient merchandises under the trade name of 2 Puteri. Merchandises are Sauce Char Kuey Teow 2 Puteri and Chili Boh Natural 2 Puteri. Sauce Char Kuey Teow 2 Puteri is one of the RM Ninetysixbillion Enterprise company’s merchandises provide an option for fans Penang Char Kuey Teow to acquire a more hearty meal gustatory sensation all of people buy this merchandise. Satisfied. self-generated and satisfied because its gustatory sensation meets their illusion. The monetary value is besides inexpensive and worthwhile purchase. The merchandise sauce Char Kuey Teow by 2 Puteri besides has the Halal enfranchisement from Jakim that’s really of import to do certain their merchandise Halal and clear to eat. 2 Puteri have 2 merchandise sauce Char Kuey Teow and Chili Boh but they largely focus on Chili Boh. the sauce still new.

Now Sauce Char Kuey Teow 2 Puteri has 34 subdivisions penetrate Tesco Stores Malaysia is divided Store ‘Produk Malaysia Citarasa Kita’ and 10 Mydin Hypermarket subdivisions and the interior Sauce Agrobazaar. Sauce Char Kuey Teow 2 Puteri non merely delightful but besides made Char Kuey Teow be applied to the other dishes like Mee Goreng. pasta. fish. and can be eaten entirely. In 2013. they produce big size of the merchandise Char Kuey Teow 2 Puteri for users who open a eating house or tap house to acquire Char Kuey Teow 2 Puteri.

New bottles for Char Kuey Teow 2 Puteri

4. 1 Rival Analysis

1. Merchandise

Jai Char Kuey Teow merely has one merchandise for the their sauce its merely for 5 Liter so for their merchandise is are more to franchise concern non merely sell the sauce. So if any individual want start up concern Char Kuey Teow they can utilize the Jai Char Kuey Teow. they will hold the bundle by Jai and the particular sauce by Jai trade name.

2 Puteri a new trade name Char Kuey Teow and Chili Boh. so they still in procedure and do are more betterment and besides introducing to do certain their merchandise suited to demand from their clients. The merchandise by 2 Puteri is a 350 milliliter and merely one non bring forth many sorts of sauce because they are merely new and still to better their production of sauce.

The more interesting for Syah Flavor comparison to their rivals. Shah Flavor have many types of their packaging of their sauce Char Kuey Teow. Syah Flavor has 2 types of sauce its 360 milliliter. 750 milliliter and 5 Liter. this suited for all coevalss if their merely a usage a litter of sauce so they can purchase for the 360 milliliter. From this. the Syah Flavor really interesting so client can do more pick depends on their usage of the merchandise. they can purchase 360 milliliter and frailty versa.

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