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The 5th Door Essay

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Expression’s fascinating dance piece, “The 5th Door,’ was released in 2004 by award winning choreographer Maggie Sietsma. Based on the classic tale of Bluebeard, the eminent masterpiece reveals the emotional journey of a young woman who becomes the eighth wife of a wealthy Lord named Bluebeard, who’s first seven wives have died under mysterious circumstances. The unique repertoire is a stunning fusion of movement, music and text. Sietsma describes her fascination in the tale lies in its tantalizing duality ‘It navigates both conscious and unconscious fears and desires. It investigates a destructive relationship and exposes us to erratic, explosive behaviours that arises in domestic violence’.[CITATION Exp l 3081 ]. Sietsma has cleverly unraveled the daunting and innovative story through her influence and representation of movement and non-movement components. She has effectively emphasized to the audience the obscurity of bluebeard and the suffer he induced on all of his wives. Sietsma efficiently sustains her choreographic intent through further dance components, including signature motifs; such as aggressive partner work, high and low extensions and fierce verbal speech to indicate the distressing experiences the wives encountered. Consequently, Sietsma has effectively depicted the gripping story of Bluebeard and his eight wives through her cunning manipulation of varied dance components.

The classic tale of Bluebeard has persisted long throughout history depicting the common issue of domestic violence. The original tale tells of a wealthy aristocrat, Bluebeard who has married many times, however all of his wives seem to disappear, initiating his fearful label. Known for his absurd blue beard and very unappealing looks, women always ignored his existence. However, his immense amount of wealth and protection was enough to lure in an 8th and final wife Judith. One day, Judith enters a room driven by curiosity that Bluebeard …

Door Essay

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The 5th Door

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