Most Selfish Country

I want that shirt! I want those shoes! I want that property! This is the American way, wine and demand to get what we want, and the list is endless. Americans, being part of the richest nation in the world, are never satisfied. It would make sense that being rich would mean needing less than others, but it only makes us greedier. Stats such as ninety-three percent of teenage girls saying that shopping is their favorite pastime show how eager and brainwashed our society has become (Source E).

Our idea of the “American Dream” has turned from the pursuit of happiness to the pursuit of money. People normally think of the poor always begging, and how that makes them the most annoying people because they constantly want more; but they only want more because they have very little. What about the rich who fill up every inch of their home with useless fashion, photos, paintings and figures, and still think, “something is missing? ” (Source D).

It is bad enough that they spent their money on objects that are not necessities, but even after doing so there is no trace of satisfaction about them! Reasons like this are why those who may not have as much might be truly happier than the rich folk, because they spend their savings on necessities and still know how to enjoy the life they have. The wealthy only think “Oh, what do I not own yet? ” they are never content with what they have. Now, some may bring up the point, “What about the parents who spend time with their kids? but they may not know how rare this actually is.

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In connection with the statistic on teenage girls and shopping, the average working women plays with her children forty minutes a week and shops six hours (Source E).

The Selfish Giant Nationality

This means that a mother only spares about six minutes each day to build models with her son or play dolls with her daughter; and they often complain about their sacrifice? In connection with that, from the same document, it is stated that Americans base our entire lives off the idea of “just a little bit more. We actually believe the statement that you can “buy happiness” (Source E). But in truth, we cannot even find happiness anymore; everything must be bought for us to stop complaining or think that we are finally content. This idea is what our society has shifted to and is now considered the “American Dream”. But history has also shown that we may have been this way a little longer than we originally thought. How did we expand our nation all those years ago? By driving out the natives from their rightful lands.

We desired land to the extent that we were willing to kill these Indians and kick them over to the west to acquire it. Then guess what, we did it again, and again as we continued to expand our nation. America even went against its own passed policy of the Monroe Doctrine. We said that we would stay out of Florida if they will keep out of our territory, but this was while we were weaker nation than others. As we became stronger and more confident, naturally the American way, we wanted “just a little bit more. So we went against the treaty that we had thought of and were so persistent to see signed.

This was done all because we, the United States of America, are greedier and unsatisfied than anyone else in the world. Therefore, no matter what we have as Americans, especially the wealthier people among us, we will never stop wanting more. It has gotten to the point where we want these objects, jobs or land only because we do not have it and so someone else cannot obtain it. This country and its people will never be satisfied as long as there is more to pursue and it can be purchased with money.

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