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Self-Education and Formal Education Paper

A complete education: Self-education and formal education working together to maximize the learning process

Why does Harvard or Yale University have a big demand of students who wish to begin to study there year after year? Why they do not develop knowledge since their home without pressure if information is available from internet? Despite the bigger information on internet to learn, people continue preferring to university. On the one hand, one of the most important factors of this issue is that university offers a degree which is valued to get a job. On the other hand, many students fail at University or spend much time at university. There are many advantages to develop a self-education which can be useful in the formal education, in order to reach successful the learning process. For these reasons, people should develop self-education as a complement of their formal education to develop skills and to reach more successful the learning processes.

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Scott H. Young talks about self-education and formal education in his text called “Why Self-Educated Learners Often Come Up Short”. The author presents in his text self-education as a viable way to learn a general knowledge. However, this method is not enough good to deepen a specific topic. In order to develop a deep knowledge, the author bases his ideas in Ben Casnocha’s “T” model for learning new things. This means that at the top of “T” is the general knowledge, and at the bottom is the specific knowledge. For example, reading books about Biology gives a general panorama to understand the principles of life, in this case self-education works. Nevertheless, to be a specialist in Evolution or Genetic it is not enough. Also, he argues that formal education allows to have a guide to be oriented, and that formal education force people to maintain focus trough incentives such as assignments or exams. However, the author asserts that even in the formal education it is necessary…

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