Science Boon Or Bane

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Science is bane for universe. Because scientific discipline and engineering has non merely grabbed us. It has besides grabbed the living animal like animate beings. insects. bees etc. The quiver produced by nomadic phone can besides kill the bees. Some old ages after terminal of honey bee is certain whole human life will besides complete.

Animals get jobs in taking breathe due to harmful gases being produced from industries and mills depend on scientific discipline and engineering. So the scientific discipline and engineering has destroyed the whole environment.

From all these remarks we can state that although scientific discipline and engineering has great advantage but all are little near its disadvantage. So by seeing its disadvantage we should utilize it merely in necessity. non ever which can easy be done by us.

friends I want to state about one thing the scientific discipline is Curse because scientific discipline as developed mobile phones and laptops 80 % people use nomadic for unneeded talk and 70 % peoples is merely watching films means apprehensible usage of laptops. And scientific discipline is cut down the natural twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

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The Cyber offense is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours the chief thing is pollution the air pollution is increase twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours it’s all consequence in our new coevals the natural resources is expire twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

Science Is A Boon Or Curse

In approaching clip there is no H2O in Earth and what people take nil so the all coevals and universe be die and who will be responsible for this scientific discipline engineering. The scientific discipline developed different-different beauty store thing like a Fair and lovely people thing if will purchase the just lovely black screen saint so we will use to our tegument after that we look smart but nil happens the Creams decrees the natural and alter the our tegument colour. I have a one Dog and Buffalo both colour is black I watched one advertizement now new carnival and Handsome come in get equity in 7 Dayss.

I bought that both after that I had apply to both in our Dog and Buffalo but nil changed and nil Happened so therefore I can state that scientific discipline supplying all bogus things.

The ozone bed Depletion twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and who will be responsible for that scientific discipline Bhopal trai is besides cause of scientific discipline. Now H2O degree is traveling down twenty-four hours be twenty-four hours who will be responsible for is that merely scientific discipline and Atom bomb is
besides developed by scientific discipline so it’s expletive. Science was meant to be a good retainer but has now turned out to be a bad maestro.

Science as Curse:

1. Due to assorted scientific innovations. the jungle tracts has been destroyed therefore making injury to the ecological balance.

2. Today though the vehicles have reduced the distance for us. the pollution it causes can non be overlooked.

3. Has lessened the sum of physical exercisings at that place by increasing several complaints and position diseases.

4. Many lost their lives in the escape of Chernobyl Nuclear power works and due to the Methyl Iso cyanate ( MIC ) gas escape in Bhopal a few old ages back. This was due to the so called scientic promotions. This is because of human failure to expect the Disasters.

Science as Blessing:

One can non repent the fact that scientific discipline has done many good to worlds.

1. One can compare the promotion of the state to that of civilisation. A civilised state is one which has achieved scientific advancement.

2. Fast means of conveyance like airplane. and other vehicles have made the universe a planetary small town.

3. Telephone. Television. orbiter. Internet have made it possible to acquire the latest information.

4. It has given us new medical specialties to contend diseases.

5. It has revolutionized our instruction system.

Therefore Science becomes a blessing or a expletive which depends on how we use it. These yearss there is a remedy or atleast a bar for about every diseases. In short we wholly depend upon these things. The cognition of isotopes. the find of radiation. the find of fission. have all led to technological progresss and added to our amenitiess. Science is of import in today’s life. We can non populate without scientific discipline in the modern universe. Science can be called one of the greatest approvals of this. Yet the job is whether scientific discipline is a blessing or curse to society. Science is truth. truth is beauty and beauty is god.

Science raisings intelligence but leaves the will and emotions uncared for. It is said that cognition comes but wisdom lingers. Is science truly a curse? It is said that scientific discipline is a good retainer but a bad maestro. As faith is a affair of religion. scientific discipline is a affair of fact. Modern warfare is destructive beyond the wildest dreams of our unscientific predecessors. Machine guns. shells. pigboats. the atom and H bombs can destruct the universe in the blink of an eye of an oculus. Airplanes in war act as engines of mass devastation.

Not merely in times of war but in times of peace besides adult male lives in the thick of disease. Though remedies are being invented diseases are multiplying excessively. If the former is in arithmetic patterned advance. the latter is in geometric patterned advance. That is why peace lovers blame scientific discipline as a expletive. the most inburnig is the roar of Reactors instead I would state Nuclear reactors…… . Lashkar-e-Taibas get to the root of thz……… .

Yttrium did temblor is there a immense arg more than 8 pes moving ridges ( Tsunami ) Y is it thr? any ans………… .
merely because of us…………… .
utilizing the scientific discipline & A ; engineering in an disturbing way……… . instead for full filling 1s deed……… planetary heating n assorted other terrorist onslaughts utilizing explosives… . . harming the state n nature also……… although V have used scientific discipline in better manner like trains Mobiles machines n manymore whicmade our work easier
but at the same clip in many times bigger manner v R utilizing it for destruction…… . . as one of the individual niticed abt making adult male diff organs utilizing root cells……… . is the best thing but its fetching measure
against the natre which it wouldnt xcept n the consequence is here earthquakes tsunamis………… taking many live that excessively in 100’s & A ; 1000’s…………… . .

Science is boon every bit good as curse. without Science we can’t imagine presents. The highest innovation of human boulder clay now is developing human parts utilizing root cells. If this Research has been succeded means we can make allkind of human parts. And batch of utile things were invented. At earlier phases people thought thy can’t fly. Wright brothers invented flight. Many things which did National Trusts conceive of all achieved through Science. In everything in the life whatever we see that hav twosides. Like that scientific discipline hav some destructing power. vehiles which bring forthing batch of green-effect gases. This ll certainly traveling to destruct our future coevals. Vs need to avoid this sort of things.

Science is neither a blessing nor curse. It all depends on how a individual uses the engineering.

In the present age it is necessary to turn out ourselves in every facet. For this thing scientific discipline is the major facet of all in turn outing a states development. A state can non develop drastically until and unless if they make usage of scientific discipline. For illustration consider building of a edifice. it takes twosome of old ages or so to build a multistored edifice without the aid of engineering.

But one time if we make usage of tools and machines developed by scientific discipline it is no admiration that the edifice can be constructed with in 6 months. But at the same clip due to machines and all adult male is going lazy twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. He could non make his work even by his ain. For every thing he is depending on the machines from rinsing their apparels to cleaning their houses. Once imagine your twenty-four hours without out scientific discipline it will be atrocious. One must non depend on machines for everything.

So eventually I would wish to reason that scientific discipline itself is a Godhead ( automaton ) and a destroyer ( dynamite ) . Every thing depends on the individual how he makes the usage of it.

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