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All public and private schools must wear uniforms Paper

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Margaret Evans Ms. Deidra Powell-Williams English 155 November 15, 2011 Essay Two: Taking-A-Stand Essay Topic: School Uniforms I. All public and private schools must wear uniforms to promote unity in all the students’ appearance. II. Introduction: Unity in having everyone dressing the same. a. Removing parent’s rights to decide what students wear to school. b. Discourage bullying c. Not taking for granted freedom of dress and dressing appropriately for school when you have “free” dress. d.

Explanatory overview on school uniforms and having to wear a uniform throughout my education and the benefits of wearing uniforms. III. Pros for School Uniforms from citation web article regarding School Uniforms Pros and Cons – Libertarian Logic a. Encourage positive behavior b. Self-image is also affected positively when wearing a uniform c. Gangs at school can’t show their “colors” d. Household income doesn’t become visible issue with school uniforms; the focus is on the person, not what they are wearing e.

Personal experience with uniforms from Elementary school to High School, graduating from Saint Francis High School and how it impacted me. IV. Rebuttal for Con’s in school uniforms and response a. Con: Not having freedom of expression. A: When students have “free dress” they will not take it for granted and dress appropriately for school. b. Con: The idea of uniforms doesn’t match well with the real world that children will eventually be part of.

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A: Wearing a uniform will prepare you for the real world because it will encourage discretion in a workplace and not showing up to work in your pajama’s from having too much freedom of expression in school. c. Con: Parent’s have the right to choose where the students can wear uniforms or not as long they are paying. A: This puts the accountability back on the parents to watch what the students are wearing and if it is deemed appropriate. The constant dispute of what a student feels is appropriate to wear verses the parent.

VI. Conclusion:Bring unity into the schools with uniforms removes many peer-pressures, fear in going to school due to “colors” or bullying because of what they are wearing. Helping them in having a better positive attitude and motivation to succeed in school. a. Better chance in continuing to College. b. Confidence in dress attire when working in a work environment c. Not feeling that the students have freedom of expression. d. Taking away the freedom to the parents to choose between free dress and uniform.

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