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School Run by Kate March Paper

Do you ever have that feeling when someone tries to decide your decisions? When someone wants you to do something you don’t wan’t? To be yourself in front of your closet friends can seem very difficult in a world of norms. It can be difficult when your personality doesn’t satisfy standards based on people around you. If you choose to stay true against yourself by not hiding who you really are, then there is a big risk to be outcast by your friends or having problems whit people are looking down on you. Some people are brave enough to swim against the tide in sprite of the consequences that may follow. One of those brave persons is the character Magnus in the story “School Run” written by Kate March from 2013. Magnus is some kind of a nerd who has a big passion for science.

The first person narrator is a woman who takes us with her though her journey of life. Her journey can be divided into four stages: the childhood, the years of the teens, the growing older part and then finally the being an adult with husband and children. Her point of view is her husband Magnus who is dominating during the short story and therefore Magnus must be the main character. The couple encounters each other from a very young age and right from the start the narrator seems to admire Magnus: “I develop a crush on him while he’s teaching me to read by spelling…” (ll. 2-3, p. 1). During her childhood admires her mom Magnus impressive skills highly but as they grow older the mother points out that his lack of normality and connects it with Magnus being the wrong husband for her beloved daughter.Friends of the narrator seem to be skeptical about Magnus. Opposite her they doesn’t appreciate his exceptional qualities because they prefer superficial ones instead.

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What turns out to be ironic and just as humorous is the turning point of the short story. It is described as a world around them which is changing its attitude according to the world o…

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