Scenario Critique

Assignment 9.2 Scenario Critique



Assignment 9.2 Scenario Critique

Question 1

This situation comprises an inmate receiving a death notification of his mother. This situation is rather emotional since it highlights the death of his mother regardless of the offender’s enthusiasm to see him that particular day. Thus, in order for the officers to deliver this notification, they use certain techniques within this situation. For instance, the officers used the LUV technique. In this scenario, the officers use this technique effectively in delivering the death notification.

This technique enables the officer to be considerate to the victim in question. Additionally, employing the technique also meant that the officers pay special attention to the offender and make him feel that he was not alone in his predicament. This way, the offender would cease being emotionally unstable and act rationally by accepting the death of his mother. Another important technique that the officers use is empathy. Simply put, empathy involves visualizing oneself in another person’s situation.

The officers use this technique in particular instances during the death notification. For instance, after the offender receives the news concerning his mother’s death, he asks questions that the officers cannot answer. As the scene proceeds, the officer sits nearer to the offender and places her hand on him, and tells him that he understands how he feels. This is an instance of empathy since the officer surmises that she is aware of what the offender is experiencing at that time.

Question 2

Some of the behaviors and comments that the officers exhibited proved helpful for the offender, Hank.

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For instance, the officers do not shift their contact from the offender. They maintain direct contact with him. Maintaining direct contact illustrates to the offender that the news they are delivering is authentic. Additionally, maintaining a direct contact with Hank illustrates attention on the part of the officers in delivering the notification. By maintaining direct eye contact with the offender, the officers express their plight to the situation by asserting various comments in order to help the offender become emotionally stable. For instance, comments such as ‘I am so sorry and I know it hurts’ by the officer after delivering the notification assist in consoling the offender and attempting to understand how he feels. Another behavior that they exhibit bases on the LUV technique. Right after Hank reacts to the news and abruptly stands up; they ask him to seat and listen to him intently. After listening, they attempt to understand what Hank is going through and even provide possible strategies to mitigate the effect of the notification. This situation involves the use of comments such as, ‘Is there anything that we can do for you?’ Furthermore, the first officer places her hand on the offender’s arm in an effort to console him. However, comments such as ‘these things happen’ in an attempt to explain his mother’s death by the first officer are unhelpful. At this point, the offender is trying to accept the fact of his mother’s death.

Question 3

There were no missed opportunities within the death notification scenario. The officers performed their duties to the latter. Concerning communication, the officers exuded responsibility while engaging in interaction with the offender. The officers also exercised response during the volatile situation. Even the offender asked unanswerable questions, the offenders still maintained the composure and did not react to the prevailing situation. Additionally, the use of empathy was also evident during the situation. There was also efficient knowledge of the respective audience by the mediators. In this case, the officers used various techniques based on the preference of their audience, the emotionally unstable offender. Respect was also evident in the whole notification scenario. The officers exuded utmost respect for the offender as a person and even respected his emotions concerning the whole matter.

Question 4

Certain safety issues arose during the death notification scenario. One of the main issues that arose comprised emotional instability. Indeed, in a situation such as that, emotional instability was an issue that the officers required to put into perspective. This is because such instability may lead the offender to commit dangerous acts against the officers delivering the news. Another safety issue that arose during the scenario involved a possible attack from the offender. This is a safety issue that was likely to be evident during the scenario. Thus, it was important to employ two officers who would mitigate the situation if it arises. One officer focused on questioning the offender while the other one observed the movements and actions of the offender. This way, the issue of a probable attack from the offender may undergo mitigation due to the presence of another police officer.

Question 5

If I were the officer, I would employ several strategies in addressing the offender’s situation. Foremost, I would employ the technique of presumptive questioning during communication with the offender. Understanding the situation that the offender is experiencing will require the employment of empathy. Being empathetic to the offender will enable me to connect with him personally. Validating my understanding of the situation will be possible through presumptive questioning. Presumptive questioning will focus on achieving resilience within the offender. Thus, in validating the offender’s situation, I will ask questions such as ‘When you faced a difficult situation other than this, how did you resolve it?’ Such a question will allow the offender to discover strengths that he used to handle other difficult situation.

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