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SBA Social Studies Paper

James. It is located in the district of Norway and about 2 miles from the heart of community of the itty of Montage Bay. There are little opportunities for residents based on the community repudiator as a result of this, gang leaders become pimps, for young girls who bid them based on beauty, to men who can pay at a cost. I have been a resident of Norway district for the past ten years. During this time, I have observed a number of prostitution in the community as it relates to pimps. This seems to have a serious impact on most of the residents’ including children’s lives on a whole.

Since gang leader pluck them from the hands of parent, from a tender age. The availability of jobs in the community s not sufficient enough for all its residents as a result most turn to prostitution. The main cause Of prostitution in the area is believed to be low self-esteem. I have further observed that this has caused a lot of problems for example: crime and drug addiction. I have therefore decided to conduct a survey to investigate the community to find possible solutions for the problems.

Statement of problem What are the cause, effect and possible solution to prostitution in my community Reason for selecting area of research The researcher decided to carry out an investigation on the topic prostitution n the community of Paradise Norway. The level of prostitution in the community has led to a number of problems such as crime, rape, drug addiction, lack of education where there is not a steady income. Therefore by conducting a study on this topic the researcher will be able to understand the cause, effects and possible solution of reducing the level of prostitution in the community.

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After time that was expired all 10 questionnaire were returned. Presentation and Explanation of Data A total of ten questionnaires were given in the community of enrolled garden. Of the respondent 50% male and females the questionnaire Were issued randomly to person who live in the community, they were given 24 hours complete the questionnaire and returned. After the timed that was given was expired all questionnaire was returned. 5% of the respondent were of the age group-under , 35% were of the age group 19-24 and the remaining 10% belonged to the 25-30 age ground.

Paragraph The diagram fig. 1 shows the reason for prostitution in the community of enrolled garden Of the participants 50% (male 20%, female 30% n )indicated that lack of parenting Support t is one of the main reason for prostitution in the community . However 30% ( males 10%, female 20% ) select unemployment, while the remaining 20% of male ‘s selected low self- esteem was a minor reason for prostitution in the community of enrolled garden. Pie Chart Fig. 2 is showing the effect of prostitution in the community Oh Enrolled Garden.

Of the participants 50% (males 30%, females 20%) indicated that an increase in spreading disease is one of the reasons for prostitution in the community. While 39% (males 1 9%, females 20%) state that it’s the main cause of the reduction in moral value, 11% (male 6%, female 5%) said that divorce and sexual abuse Was a minor reason for prostitution in the community of Enrolled Garden no one believes that divorce is a cause The diagram fig. 3 shows some of the solution to prostitution in Enrolled Gardens. Of the respondents 30% stated that counseling could reduce the number of prostitutes living in the community.

While the majority 50% claimed that providing jobs will seize the act of prostitution in the community. However the minority said providing education and workshops to build self- esteem would help. Fig. 4 is showing the reason for prostitution in the community of Enrolled Garden. Of the participants 40% indicates that people do prostitution in order to make money, while 18% stated they do it in order to support their family, 17%said to maintain themselves is one of the reasons for prostitution in the immunity, 25% said they do it to buy drugs.

Fig 5 is showing the group of people that mainly involve in prostitution in the community of Enrolled Gardens. Of the participants 40% (males 14%, females 26%) indicated that being poor is one of the reasons for prostitution in the community, while 18% (males 1 females 8%) state that it’s the middle class, 17% (males 7%, females 1 said that it’s the wealthy that promotes prostitution in the communion’ of Enrolled Gardens, while 25% (males 10%, females 15%) said that there are other reasons.

The diagram Fig 6 shows the increase of sexual abuse in the community of Enrolled Gardens. Of the participants 45% Male answer yes or no (30% said yes and 15% said no) while 55% female answer yes or no to the same questions (50% said yes and 5% said no) Analysis and Interpretation of Data According to the Oxford dictionary it was stated that: Prostitution is sex for money. It has seen that with significant increase in prostitution on which is a social issues affecting the community the community of Enrolled Gardens.

Lack of parenting support was a major cause of prostitution. This was selected by 50% of the respondents that is shown on Fig 1 . According to the ally Observer dated on May 12, 2008 state that Lack of parenting support causes children to be influenced by friends that are bad influences to be involved in juvenile delinquency. However, prostitution, unemployment and low self-esteem was the least cause among enrolled Garden. However the spreading of disease and reduction in moral value is a major effect in the increase of prostitution in the community.

According to the Aids Society In Jamaica, it was stated the: Prostitution is high between the age group of 15-25 years. Statistics also showed that females are at a higher risk than men. While he least amount of respondents selected that divorce and an increase in abuse is not a common effect of prostitution in community of Enrolled Garden. From a sample Paper that was posted onto the internet on Thursday, April 9, 2009 effects of global economy. And I quote “Global economy is affecting work in the United States and worldwide. In a sense, the U.

S. Economy has always been an international because world trade has always linked the United States to other countries. The globalization of the economy affects much more than trade however. The concept Of global economy acknowledges that all dimensions of the economy now cross cantonal borders, including investment, production, management, markets, labor, information, and technology. The global effects on the economic has caused a large cut in the job sector which will eventual cause persons to be out of a job for a period of time. 0% of the respondent selected employment opportunity which is shown on fig. 3 as a major solution for Prostitution in the community . However since the job cut in the economic as cause a significant increase of prostitution in enrolled garden . This social issue is seen now as a job. However counseling , providing school for the uneducated and work shop to build self- esteem was elected as a minor possible solution to make a decline in the practice of prostitution in the community of enrolled garden . 0% of the responder highlighted that the main reason why people become prostitute is to make money while another 25% stated that people do it to buy drugs the minority 17% said that it is done to support family and to maintain them self in fig. 4 Fig. 5 speaks of the group of people that is mostly involve in prostitution in the community of enrolled garden of this group 40 percentage indicated that being poor is one of the main reasons for prostitution in the community , with he wealthy and the middle class being the minority involve.

Sexual abuse, also referred to as molestation, is the forcing of undesired sexual behavior by one person upon anther. When that force is immediate , of short duration or infrequent, it is called sexual assault . The offender is referred to as a sexual abuser or (often pejoratively ) molester . The term also covers any behavior by any adult towards a child to stimulate either the adult or child sexually fig. 6 speaks about the influence of prostitution towards sexual abuse with the majority agreeing to this.

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