Satire About Global Warming Essay

I am proposing that the people of the world minimize their heat usage to the extreme. This means minimal heating in cars, houses, and the use of appliances that generate heat must be minimized. If everyone sacrifices this amount of heating, we can get the earth back down to a normal temperature. The use of hair dryers, curling irons, computers, copy machines, or any other electrical appliance which generates any amount of heat must be limited to an hour per day.

Essay Example on Satire About Global Warming

At the present moment, most electrical machines r devices are kept turned on throughout the entire day, whether they are in use or just sitting somewhere producing heat, which in turn, is causing global warming. In recent news reports, 49 out of the 50 states have had snowfall in the same day. The only state that did not have snow was Hawaii. This means the typical “hot” states like Florida, Texas, and Alabama had snowfall.

This is not normal, especially since this has been a repeated occurrence… Global warming is causing chaos in the weather systems!!!

This news should stop he people of the world in their tracks and cause them to change their ways immediately, but yet it does not. What will stop people in their tracks? When the world explodes because of too much global warming? This issue has gotten out of hand and it is time to end it. So, people of the world! It is your time to make a difference.

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Turn off the TV’s, lights, and computers. Unplug the cell phones, hair dryers, and toasters. Use less electricity-sucking appliances which are heating everything up and join in the force to save the planet!

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