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Sarah goodwin Essay

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Stakeholder analysis Secondary social stakeholders Primary social stakeholder Government Sarah Other buyers and department store chains Convenience store Ghetto community Prestigious department store chain Maria Sarah is a primary stakeholder because she holds the decision whether or not to call the ghetto community In Southern California. Thus, she holds high power, legitimacy, and urgency. Although she Is Just an assistant to the buyer, Maria gave Sarah the duty to call the convenience store, so it is ultimately up to Sarah to call or not.

She olds a lot of power in this case because her decision can result in: potential issues with the law, diseases among the people In the ghetto, a scarred conscience, or even an end to her career. She also holds legitimacy because she works directly in the department and is holding the decision to operate. If she decides to give the infected wafers to the convenience store and inspectors find out, the blame will not only be on Sarah, but It will be on the entire chain. The people that would benefit from this are the store because they are trying to get back the money lost.

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The people that would be harmed are the customers of both stores and the store with the infestation. The people whose rights are being more certain are the store that has the infestation because the manager wants to get back the $9,000 by selling them to the Ghetto store. The people who are being wronged are the store who the product Is being sold too. They are under the Impression that they are getting a quality product but they are not. The moral problem is should Sarah sell the bug infested wafer product to the other store in the Ghetto.

The economic outcomes are to gain back $9,000. There are not really any legal requirements against this. There are several ethical duties that this case violates. This violates the self ?Interest, personal virtues, religious injunctions, universal duties, and the distributive justice ethical principal. In the long term this action may result in higher profit but may cause future retaliation from customers, make them lose credibility, trust, and respect from customers. Many of the customers may not come to the store ever again (self-interest).

People should be open, truthful, honest, moderate, and proud. This idea will not result in honesty, truthfulness, being proud, and moderate (personal virtues). This idea is not kind, compassionate, and doesn’t create a sense of community (religious injunctions). Every person should be treated with diddling and respect. The customers In the Ghetto are not being treated this way (universal duties). Actions should never harm the least of us which would be the poor; this action doesn’t follow this (distributive justice).

Sarah’s manager wants her to call this store in the Ghetto and sell these insect Infested wafers to gain back the profit. The manufacturer would not give a refund because they felt It was not their fault. If Sarah doesn’t follow the command of her manager seen could lose near Jon. IT I were In tans position I would not sell ten products to the Ghetto store. My values can’t let me be dishonest and I would look for a new job because I couldn’t work with a manger that solves problems this way.

Regardless f the legal dimension, which entails the sale of wafers, which will result in cases of poisoning and complaints and prosecutions legal may result in compensation a cash huge short-term as well as long-term, the company’s reputation will be damaged, which negatively affects the results of the company and its financial performance values greater than the value that will sell the wafer. Must take into account the human and moral dimension of the impact on the process of the sale of the wafer where the affected category is likely to be the biggest beneficiary of the class.

Some attitudes and situations may need to interpret and analyze even reach the employee in which the moral decision and those cases are very complicated either in such a case all the evidence suggests that in the case of approval on the sale, it means that the decision is not a moral consequent harm to others. Sarah said to be refusing to contact and try to convince Maria risk impact on it and describes the effects of the economic, legal and ethical implications, If Maria is not convinced that Sarah must go top management and explain the situation.

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