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Andrea, dressed Like a bride was sitting In her hotel room and her family, relatives and friends came congratulating her on her wedding day. Everything was going right except that her shoes were left so her sister went back home to get them for her. Meanwhile, they were all waiting for the photographed to come and interview her about her pre-nuptial thoughts. Before Dennis, the hired photographed, went on his way to cover the wedding, he tampered a calling card of somebody named Andrew and changed it to his name.

He then arrived In Andresen’s room and began to interview her first, throwing questions about her love for Robert, her groom.

Andrea did not look nor sound thrilled for someone who Is getting married In a few hours. She seemed emotionless in answering all the questions and she was not even looking straight at the camera. Then Dennis left the room and did the same for Robert. He answered the questions happily with his eyes directly upon the camera.

During the interview, Dennis already figured out that something was preventing her from pushing through with the wedding. She accepted Roberts proposal only because her mother wants her to. Robert Is a wealthy businessman and a good man with a good reputation.

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They first met In an election campaign and Robert started routing her. Dennis’ questions directed Andrea to remember events from the past with her former love. She met him in a wedding she, Robert, and their colleagues had attended in Laminas, Panamanian a few years ago.

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Andrew, her ex-boyfriend, was a photographed too. He was the one covering the said event. He was captivated by her that he continuously took pictures of her. She noticed him and they started talking to each other. They met after the event, went on dates until they finally confessed their love for each other. Until the day came that Andrea needed to go back to the city.

Andrew decided to roger what he had in his hometown and go with her to Manila. Andrews mother did not agree with him leaving them because that might mean he is leaving them forever. But his love for Andrea still prevailed and they both traveled to the city. They stayed happily together and planned to start a living related to weddings since Andrew is a wedding photographed and Andrea does flower arrangements. Andrew bought a commercial space for Andresen’s flower shop. While they were waiting for the owner to turn over the shop to them, Andrew had set up a creative proposal. He placed an engagement ring in one of the vases in the shop.

Andrea accepted his proposal and they were celebrating when the owner came in. The grey- blue flat shoes and a bouquet of flowers in his car. As he walked out of his car, he suddenly fell on the ground. He was sick of Arrhythmia. He knew his illness is killing him but he did not mind going away from home and discontinuing his medication because he thought living with Andrea, even for a short time, was worthwhile. After the tragic happening, Andrea had no choice but to go back to the life she used to live. Nobody knew about Andrew and her, she said she Just had a vacation for a year.

She met Robert for the second time and a few weeks later, she accepted Roberts wedding proposal. As they went on with the interview, Andrea suddenly sees Andrew in Tennis’s presence. Andrea noticed the book brought by Dennis, she was reading a page containing familiar lines when Dennis started reciting the same lines. She got confused because she observed the camera was the same camera her former lover owned. She got it and went to the rooftop, crying. Dennis followed her while Robert, their families and the guests were already down the altar. Dennis tried to comfort her and explained to her that he is Andrews younger brother.

They talked about how great Andrew and their love was that she almost forgot she was missing her own wedding ceremony. She asked him why he was doing all of those and he Just answered that he wanted to know more about the girl his brother chose to be with. Robert in the meantime, was looking for his bride. Dennis left before Robert got to see him and Andrea at the rooftop. Dennis found her and they went to the room where her aunt gave her a retouch while her mom was scolding her for delaying the wedding. Robert went back down hoping Andrea would still show up after hours of waiting. She came wearing the blue shoes Andrew has given her.

Later, she asked a friend to give a note to Dennis asking him to take her away after the wedding but he did not show up. He thought she said that because she sees his brother in him so Andrea was left crying in the kitchen. Finally, after a couple of days and months, Andrea learned to let go of Andrew. She went back to Panamanian to visit him for maybe the last time. She left everything that reminds her of Andrew on his tomb and bade him goodbye. As she walked away, she saw Robert waiting for her. She was surprised that Robert knew about Andrew so she asked him how. He said he would tell her if she went home with him and she agreed.

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