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The following sample essay on Essay On Samsung Galaxy S3 I decided to set about an analysis of the Samsung company because I spend a full twelvemonth in South-Korea. from July 2011 until grand 2012. Hence. Samsung is an highly of import pudding stone in this state. working there is for many considered as a « dream-job » and furthemore bring forth every bit much as 20 % as the state entire exports.

Samsung is good known for their electronic merchandise created by the electronic subordinates of the company.

Sansung Electronics. Their flagship phone. presently being the Samsung Galaxy S3 sold over 40 1000000s units. They produce Television. Computer. Display. semiconducting materials. Cameras…

But if Samsung is chiefly known in the western states for the Samsung Electronics subordinates. it is possible in Korea to populate your whole life with Samsung merchandises.

Indeed. among the subordinates. we can happen Samsung Life Insurance. Samsung Heavy Industries ( chiefly a shipwright subsidiarie ) . Samsung C & A ; T…

There is even some « Samsung Cities » .

like the Suwon Samsung Digital City. It is countries where merely the Samsung employees and their households are allowed to acquire in. Here. there is appartment. school. infirmary. amusement. and everything one’s need to take a life. except that everybody around you is working for samsung.

Indeed. Samsung is bring forthing itself about all the constituent the company demand. So there is enourmous production demands. that lead to enourmous production site. Many of the Samsung employee have so no other pick than populating on site with their household.

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If I am presenting this company that manner. it is in order to assist us understanding some of the most valuable plus of the company.

Samsung has won the trust and the trueness over 1000 of workers who are willing to travel the excess stat mi for the company. Korea is celebrated to hold one of the longest work clip in the universe. Indeed. in most of the companies workers must be willing to make many hours.

Samsung has the intangible benefit of an highly flexible work force. But non merely flexible. this work force is besides peculiarly good educated. thanks to the Korean instruction system. one of the hardest in the universe.

As we said earlier. working for Samsung is considered for many as a dream occupation. and Samsung workers are more willing than any other worker to travel to the excess stat mi. because they receive a better intervention than other workers in similar Korea company as LG. etc. ( In term of salary. but besides in term of insurance. and retirement program: we should non bury that Samsung is non merely Samsung Electronics. but besides Samsung Life Insurance. and so this company can offer first-class trade to their workers ) . There is besides a prestigiousness for working at Samsung.

Consequently. Samsung can easy enroll the elite of Korean pupil. of Korean research workers. and this so is an highly of import competitory advantage other the competition. No company in Korea has this attraction. and outside Korea merely Apple and Google might be able to hold similar advantages. But Apple and Google are western companies. and this mean that non all of their workers agree to give their life to the company. They are surely non as much loyal as Samsung worker. because Samsung has become portion of Korea itself. a national pride.

This allow Samsung to hold an outstanding capablenesss for bearing mass production of any given merchandise at any clip.

Without the willingness of Samsung employees. the company would surely non be nowadays worldwide figure one top merchandising smartphone company. neither be able to bring forth high quality merchandise and being recognized worldwide for their quality.

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