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Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum Paper

Dues Rexes Judicature: The Words of Liberation for Women When Amelia Lancer wrote Salve Dues Restaurateur in 1 61 1 she intended to use her words as a platform In her fight to liberate women from the unjust treatment, and corrupt representation that the early male-dominated belief system bestowed upon them. It was not only her words that sought out this liberation, but also the structure in which she presented them.

Her poem is broken up into distinctive parts that speak of women and the freedom, knowledge and power that was rightfully heirs. The title that she had chosen for her poem is Just one of many decisions Lancer made that gave her work more meaningful Impact on her readers. Latin was spoken and understood mostly by scholars or those who came from rich blood lines, and It Is the first sign of who Lancer wished her audience to consist of. She pleads her case to women of high-class status of which she also commends with her words.

The language used to make up her title Is not the only significance wealth It. In the conclusion of her poem she explains why she had chosen this title, she writes “if thou sire to be resolved, why I give this title, Salve Dues Restaurateur, know for certain , that it was delivered unto me in sleep many years before I had any intent to write In this manner”,… “And thinking It a significant token that I was appointed to perform this work, I gave the very same words I received In sleep as the fittest title I could devise for this book. Gilbert, Guava 82) That statement handed down to her by God, however true it was, expressed her reasoning and might have also given her protection from opposition of her words that It followed. By appealing to the noble omen of her time, Lancer might have hoped that they would hear her words and that someday they could fight together to be accepted as equal no matter their status or education. The actual meaning of Salve Dues Rexes Judicature is Hail God, king of the Jews, which was a variation of the words that were fixed above Jesus when he was crucified. Gilbert, Guava 82) It Is the actions of the women at the time of Chrism’s death that Lancer uses these words to show the value that Jesus gave to women. Since he was born of a woman, nourished of a woman, and gave message of his surjection to a women that all creation should view them the same has their Father. Her argument in the defense of women begins with her re-interpretation of the story of Genesis. We have all heard the story of Adam and Eve and how Eve betrayed both Adam and God out of pure evil, and because of that betrayal both she and Adam were banished from the Garden of Eden.

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Of course with this Interpretation most would be upset with Eve and her actions. The blame was fully hers and because of 1 OFF ten Dealer Tanat women were Interior to men, Eve’s octagons In castes upon women as a whole. E Bide Ana Eden In Eve’s Apology, Lancer brings non-traditional concepts of women and religion into her explanation of Eve’s role in the Genesis story. She portrays Eve as God’s gift to Adam instead of an evil temptress responsible for the downfall of mankind.

In her argument she points out that Eve is not given the same power as Adam, but instead, her role is to make Adam happy and do what he asks of her. From the beginning Eve is not considered Adams equal. She was conceived from a portion of Dam’s rib and therefore she is seen as lesser being from the start. She is not warned of the danger that eating from the tree of knowledge would cause them. Adam had been cautioned before Eve’s conception and his failure to inform her of the knowledge that God had given him left her open to temptation.

When Lancer writes Eve, “had no power to see”… The after-coming harem of her actions,” (Gilbert, Guava 85) proves that she couldn’t have known the danger and in fact did so out of love not betrayal. It is the misuse of Dam’s knowledge that damns all mankind. God had given him knowledge of the tree and when Eve brought her erasure to him to share, instead of educating her; he took the fruit out of greed so that he may gain the forbidden knowledge. Some refuse to see the discrepancy within each of the assigned roles these characters play.

It seems that it was far easier to blame the naive Eve for the error, instead of admitting that Adam had made his own educated decision. Nevertheless, Lancer provides a great argument that potentially frees Eve of all guilt and again restores her to the righteous position she should have always held as a good woman with a good heart. Throughout Salve Dues Rexes Judicature Amelia uses many different rhetorical strategies such as persuasion with a touch of flattery when addressing her strong and powerful female audience, and gives the female gender a voice with her prevailing words and concepts.

Following her strong argument in the defense of women is the imagery charged Description of Cooke-ham. Within this country-house poem, which is also believed to be the first of its kind, she uses unbelievable symbolism to describe an imaginary paradise for women that is kept alive by women without the need of a man’s influence. It is here that she writes her book with the outside influence of the Countess of Cumberland, which seems to be the life blood of the estate.

Her description of this paradise is one filled with symbols for the love and acceptance that radiates from this place. As she explains how all the land and its creatures gravitate towards the presence of the Countess, it is like you are there witnessing the influence she has on the universe itself. The most dramatic imagery is when it seems that the Countess is leaving and Cooke- ham begins to die all around her departure. Upon her exit from this place she kisses a tree that before had shaded them from the Sun as they shared their knowledge with one another.

Lancer quickly kisses the tree after the Countess, so that she may take ten Knowledge Tanat seen Delves ten tree NAS galena Witt n r Nils act AT Slang the tree seems to be a metaphor. Like Eve who took from the tree of knowledge so does Lancer, but she does so not out of evil but instead with hope that she may spread the knowledge and power she had gained from her stay at Cooke-ham. I found great pleasure in reading Amelia Lancer’s Salve Dues Rexes Judicature. Her argument within Eve’s Apology actually opened my eyes to the inconsistencies of the actual meaning within the book of Genesis.

For as long as I can remember I Just accepted the fact that Eve was the one to blame for their banishment from Eden. I didn’t like the fact that anyone you ask that’s the first thing they say is “if it wasn’t for Eve… ” Now having read Lancer’s interpretation I clearly see the error in this long held belief and I am once again proud to be a descendant of such a noble women. However, by far my favorite portion of these readings was the Description of Cooke- am. In the way that her words flow and the detail that she places on objects and events is awe-inspiring.

When the Countess is leaving the tone of sadness in her words makes even the reader feel as if they are losing their pass to this inspiring place. The knowledge and emotion that I gathered from these readings truly kept me wanting more. To think that her words were kept from the public for so long seems as if we were robbed of the Joy that I am sure that anyone who has the pleasure of reading this piece has gained. Amelia Lancer has done what she planned to do, and hat is to inform and inspire yet another reader and that is what makes her a truly gifted writer and woman.

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