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Running Shoes Fit Matters Most Paper

Overall, the best information on running shoes comes from fitness magazines. Runner’s World, in particular, offers insightful reviews on running shoes. Many consider its quarterly review the gold standard. However, there are a number of new websites that are producing reviews on the different types of running shoes available. Running Network. com and Running News, both offer insightful information and are worth reading. There are many different websites that can be useful in choosing the right shoe for you.

Many running shoes can be graded by how well they perform regardless of the person wearing them. A running shoe is graded by how it does its job relative to the foot of the person wearing it, so choosing a great running shoe for the wrong type of foot can result in injury (Consumer Search, Inc. , 2010). Running shoes are available in several forms: • Stability. For those with normal arches who tend to have mild or moderate overpronation (the foot rolls inward when you run). • Motion Control.

Shoe that is designed for runners with low arches who tend to overpronate more than those with normal arches. • Neutral Cushioning. Shoe that is meant for runners with high arches who usually do not overpronate excessively but their feet tend to absorb less impact (Consumer Search, Inc. , 2010). Since it is impossible to choose the best shoe for every foot, a visit to a professional running store is always the best option. With so many options to choose from, the two types of running shoes that received the greatest reviews are The Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoe and the Nike Zoom Equalon.

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The Brooks Adrenaline Shoe has been long considered one of the top picks in the stability category. This shoe is good for runners who need stability to prevent overpronation. This shoe won a best update aware from Runner’s World Magazine. Fitness Magazine also selected the Brooks Adrenaline Shoe as the best running shoe for those who need extra stability and arch support. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS has an estimated cost of $100. The Nike Zoom Equalon is a motion controlled running shoe that feels surprisingly soft and responsive.

Runner’s Magazine calls it a “plush everyday trainer” for severe overpronators (Consumer Search, Inc. , 2010). Everyday runners are impressed with the Nike Zoom Equalon. Most runners like the combination of cushioning and pronation control and the shoe is great for long distance races like marathons and triathlons. This shoe has an estimated cost of $120. While either shoe will provide the desired performance, choosing the right running shoe is an individualized experience and careful consideration is needed before a choice is made.

Running shoes can be expensive, often costing well over $100. Since they have to be replaced after wear and tear, especially for high mileage runners, it is important to shop around for the shoe with the best performance for the best deal. There are also good running shoes under $100. Low prices should not discourage the buyer from purchasing a particular shoe. A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that low and medium priced running shoes offer the same support and cushioning as the more expensive shoe (British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2007).

When choosing a running shoe, it is important to consider the type of running shoe that will help prevent injury. It is also important to consider whether you are a long or short distance runner or marathon or triathlon runner. Knowing this will help you to choose the best shoe for your budget. References British Journal of Sports Medicine. (2007). Budget running shoes. Retrieved from http://www. bjsm. bmj. com. Consumer Search, Inc. (2010). Running shoes. Retrieved from http://www. consumersearch. com. running-shoe.

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