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Running Head: Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Paper

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The essence of engaging in any Healthy Eating Plan is to make sure those individuals unhealthy eating habits are rectified so that they can live healthier, happy lives that are free from ailments.

Any healthy eating plan reduces allergies, it promotes weight loss if an individual needs to lose and combines foods which are nature friendly to ensure a person’s stays healthy across all seasons. Changing eating habits takes time but it requires dedication by an individual to make it work. This coupled with a positive attitude, good management of stress and maintenance of a regular exercise regime will support the continuous creation of health.

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The following is a healthy Eating Plan Comparison that seeks to show whether my nutritional levels have improved since I started taking this class seriously. It compares what I was eating with what I eat now and if t it has made a positive impact or more needs to be done.

Eating habits when I started the program was as follows:

Breakfast- meat and bacon

Lunch-      Rice and chicken breast, fruit salad and a banana.

Dinner-     stake and egg and a glass of sprite

I used a food pyramid which is a guide for choosing the right foods to consume. It helps individuals to determine what foods to eat the most and what foods to beaten in smaller quantities.

I also decided to follow a 2000 calorie food pattern and the first thing I did was to restock my kitchen with sumptuous tasting foods that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol. The following table summarizes how my eating habits have changed in the last couple of weeks up to date.

From the above table, I can say that my eating plan has slightly improved although I need to improve in a few areas so that I can comfortably say that I have achieved what I had set by goals on. My vegetable, grain and physical activity meet what I had said I would accomplish.  My fruits and milk intake are slightly above what I had set.

While oil, meat and beans intake has reduced. With the fewer intakes of proteins it means my body does not quiet have that amount of protein nutrient s it is supposed to have. Therefore I need to increase it slightly. I have tried to correct my calories intake as I had said I would do by reducing my oil intake.

By not sticking to the plan it means that I do not have the right amount of oil because I cannot even get some fat from meat e.g. bacon which I eat as the amount of meat intake as mentioned has also reduced. But overall when it comes to oil intake, I have improved because I never used to take any before.

I now eat three full nutritious meals a day especially breakfast which I sometimes used to skip.

Now I take cereals, oatmeal and bread which I rotate so as to meet my calories and nutrient requirements. I have included carrots, yogurt, greens beans, grits, greens, whole grain cereal, apples, oranges, squash, spinach, cabbage, cheese, and milk daily.  I have learnt that I can combine protein and vegetables or starch and vegetables. Some legumes combined with starch particularly whole grains provide the essential amino acids (Haas & Manzolini, 2000) such meals allow the body to best digest the foods and utilize the nutrients.

Moreover, more than one protein per meal is not advisable. For example taking cheese and meat can be taxing on the digestive tract. Combining can be a major undertaking though a positive one for many people. It is important mostly for individuals who have intestinal problems.

My friends and family have become more supportive as they have helped me stick to the plan. My family especially has changed the type of foods we usually eat to accommodate my plan and my friends have not influenced me in anyway to eat what they eat especially when we go out for lunch.

Nowadays, I have an alarm clock set so that in the morning, I wake up early to do a 30 minute or more morning run with a friend. I have noticed that having a friend who shares your vision is good as a person knows that they have a support mechanism and a person who understands what they are going through. Moreover, I keep a record of how long I exercise so that I am consistent with my routine and to check whether I can include some other activities for example, skipping, cycling or swimming (Goldstein 1999).

I have noticed a slight decrease in weight and that is a good sign as it says I am on the right track and if I stick to the plan, I will notice a very huge progress in a couple of months. This has made me happy since I have tried all means possible and none of them have ever made a difference until now.

My health though not measurable has improved because previously I used to have an almost permanent running nose but nowadays I rarely blow my nose. More so I now know that I can prevent various diseases or keep them at minimal for example diabetes because I no longer eat sugary stuff around the clock.

All these positive improvements have made me even more determined not to go back to my previous feeding habits and make myself better. This is working for me and I know that I have been a positive influence to the people around me and they also want to start with the plan

. I have become a better at planning and this has not only helped me with proper dietary in takes but also in how I run my personal life. I have become more responsible in what I eat and the social activities I engage in.

About the author

This sample is completed by Emma with Health Care as a major. She is a student at Emory University, Atlanta. All the content of this paper is her own research and point of view on Running Head: Healthy Eating Plan Comparison and can be used only as an alternative perspective.

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