I feel like Jason Jacobs portrayed many of the characteristics of an Entrepreneur, but there were 5 in particular that he really possessed. Perseverance and determination I felt were the strongest characteristics that he showed. The reason I say that is because after he quit his Job and pursued is desire, he was faced with many doubters of his idea. Even with the negative reactions from individuals, Jacobs pushed and never gave up on making his dream come true. The second highest characteristic he portrayed was energy.

He had lots of energy in the sense that he as the only full-time devotee in creating this product. This did not stop him, and his energy inspired the other workers to make this happen as fast as possible. With the energy amongst the workers they produced this app and got it out on the market very quickly. The third characteristic Jacobs really showed was commitment. With 100% commitment in his product, he ran 26. 2 miles in an phone costume, in the Boston Marathon.

Running 26. 2 miles is tough enough, but running that far in an phone costume shows people that Jacobs was committed enough to his product.

Runner Keeper

People saw this and even put him on the front page of the New York Times. The fourth characteristic that was strong within Jacobs was creativity. I say this because not only did he create an app, he also incorporated Twitter and Backbone to attract potential customers to his product. The fifth important characteristic that Jacobs abided by was flexibility.

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The reason I say this is because he named his company Pitilessness’s. I feel like this is flexibility because he is not Just narrowing his single product Just to running, he is allowing himself to be able to create future products in the fitness world like cycling, swimming, and skiing. ) Adding value to the customer’s life is one f keys to having a successful product. I do feel like Jacobs product does add value to customers because he created a reliable unique product that can help you fully benefit from the running experience. The ideal candidates are all the people that enjoy running and want to experience their exercise to full potential, regardless if they are a serious runner or Just the casual runner. 3) I do feel like there is a threat to Jacobs product, unless he has some type of patent against potential imitators. If he does not have intellectual property, then he will be faced with my imitators.

With imitators also comes the threat of a product that might be slightly better, and possibly lower cost than Runner. 4) The features of Runner are very impressive, but I feel like there could be some improvements or added features. One feature that could be added is the pap’s ability to intertwine their technology with the weather that the runner is running in. This ability could make the current features more accurate, like calories burned. An example of this is, a person running a route in Beaumont during the summer will burn many more calories than if the runner were to run the same route in the middle of winter.

I feel like this could be a simple effective improvement that Runner could include. Application Questions: 1) Three things that I am passionate about include: sports, finance, and building passionate about have endless possibilities of business ideas such as new training tools for sports, new ways of making existing players more successful and lengthening their careers. My last thing, building connections with people, can create a life of success in itself. With a wide connection of people in life can help any business or product idea become more successful with knowing the right people.

Life is all about who you know, and the more people you know, the better off your business life can be. 2) No, I do not think that Jacobs will obtain his dream of obtaining a billion-dollar company in the app world. I do think that his idea of diversifying his ideas in all kinds of fitness will make him more successful and more profitable in the future. I also believe that his desire to become a billion-dollar business will go a long way. If he really wants to obtain his dream then I am sure he has the potential to create some type of business that will be that successful.

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