Romeo And Juliet Prologue Essay

The prologue foreshadows whole story and that makes some audience sad because in the prologue it looks like there is only death and even when love accurse between two young lovers its still will be taken away because both of them at the end will die.

Essay Example on Romeo And Juliet Prologue

At the beginning of the prologue Shakespeare has wrote ‘’from ancient grudge break to new mutiny’’ by writing ancient grudge Shakespeare wanted to tell us that the fight was going for a long time and by writing new mutiny Shakespeare told us that the fight is new again and it tells us that it was strong and now it might be even stronger this time.

Later in the prologue in the 6th line Shakespeare writes ‘’two star crossed lovers take their life’’ by writing that hi explains us that there will two lovers and their love is marked by death this bit links back to rivalry because it tells us that even death can’t stop the feud between those two families, this then makes audience sad and confuse because their start to guess how strong is this feud.

In the 8th line of the prologue Shakespeare writes’’ doth with their death buries their parent strike’’ by writing that Shakespeare foreshadows the sad end of this story and explain to the audience that the rivalry between those two families are so strong that only their children’s death could end. This bit of the prologue makes audience sad and makes them guess how sad is this story and how it have changed life of the two families.

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Whole prologue foreshadows that there will be allot of deaths which then makes audience sad all thou it also tells that there will be love to which then makes audience a bit happier.

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Romeo And Juliet Prologue Essay
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