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Romeo and Juliet Paper

Act I Scene i 1 . The Capulet servants Sampson and Gregory start a fight with Balthazar and Abraham. Benvolio tried to break up the feud until Tybalt attacks him. 2. Prince Escalus breaks up the feud by threatening everyone with death. 3. Benvolio realizes that Romeo’s problem is that he is love and tries to find out who it is. Romeo is too stubborn and will not tell who he is in love with. Act I Scene ii 1. Paris asks Lord Capulet for Juliet’s hand in marriage. 2. Romeo finds out that Rosaline will attend the mask party. 3. Benvolio challenges Romeo to go to the part and compare Rosaline with other women of Verona.

Act I Scene iii 1 . Lady Capulet tries to have a civil conversation about marriage with Juliet but Nurse interrupts he with stories of the when Juliet was a toddler. 2. Lady Capulet explains to Juliet that Paris would like to marry her. 3. Juliet abruptly agrees with her mother to get married because she has to and not because that she wants to. Act I Scene iiii 1 . Mercutio tries to persuade Romeo to dance at the mask party but Romeo says that he has too heavy of a soul. 2. Romeo believes that he should not go to the party because of a dream that he had. 3. Mercutio mocks Romeo by talking about “Queen

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Mab” and agrees to attend the party with his friends. Act I Scene iiiii 1. Romeo sees Juliet at the party and says that it is first time he has seen a real beauty. 2. Tybalt recognizes Romeo by the sound of his voice and goes for his sword but Lord Capulet orders him to do nothing. 3. Romeo and Juliet meet face to face and Romeo asks a kiss from her. She kisses him and as they leave they both learn each other’s names and curse fate for their fortune. Act 2 Scene i 1. Romeo tries to find Juliet after the party. 2. On his way home, Romeo Jumps the wall to Capulet’s orchard. 3. Mercutio and

Benvolio call for Romeo but he does not return. Act 2 scene I 1 . Mercutio and Benvolio look for Romeo after the party. 2. Romeo tries to find Juliet after the party. 3. Romeo Jumps the wall of the Capulet orchard to find Juliet. Act 2 scene ii 1. Romeo sneaks up to Juliet’s balcony and hears her soliloquy. 2. The balcony scene takes place between Romeo and Juliet. 3. Romeo and Juliet decide they will get married the next day. Act 2 scene iii 1. Romeo goes to the Friar to arrange his marriage. 2. The friar questions him for falling in love too quickly. 3. Romeo counters by saying this time she loves him back.

Act 2 scene iiii . Tybalt sends a letter to Romeo for the request of a challenge. 2. The nurse comes with Juliet’s message and mercutio makes fun of her. 3. Nurse warns Romeo that he better not be toying with Juliet because Paris is ready to marry her too. Act 2 scene v 1 . Juliet is getting annoyed with how long it is taking Nurse to arrive. 2. The nurse prorogues her anxiety by avoiding the topic of Romeo. 3. The nurse finally delivers 1. Romeo and Juliet get married in the Friar’s cell 2. 3. Act 3 Scene I 1. Mercutio and Tybalt fight in the streets. This leads to Mercutio’s death 2.

Romeo fights tybalt in vengeance and slays him . The prince investigates the scene and orders that Romeo is banished Act 3 Scene ii 1 . Juliet yearns for nightfall so that Romeo can see her. 2. Nurse tells Juliet about Romeo slaying Tybalt 3. Juliet realizes that is was better Tybalt being slain than Romeo. Act 3 scene iii 1. The Friar tells Romeo his sentence of banishment 2. The Friar suggests that Romeo should flee to Mantua tonight. 3. Nurse come to bring Romeo to Juliet for the night. Act 3 scene iiii 1. Paris talks to Lord Capulet about marrying Juliet 2. Lord Capulet decides to marry Paris and Juliet on Thursday. . He was planning to arry them on Wednesday but thought it was too soon. Act 3 scene v 1 . Romeo leaves for mantua after spending the night with Juliet 2. Juliet is told that she has to marry Paris 3. Juliet tries to deny getting married but he father scold her with harsh words. Act 4 scene i 1. Paris talks to Friar Lawrence about setting up his marriage with Juliet 2. Juliet talks to the Friar for advice of what to do. He gives her a sleeping potion to make her seem dead. 3. Friar Lawrence sends Friar John to deliver the letter to Romeo Act 4 scene ii 1. Lord Capulet is arranging a big wedding celebration for Juliet. 2.

Juliet returns rom the Friar and pretends to be cooperating with her father. 3. Lord Capulet is so happy with her cooperation that he moves the wedding up one day to Wednesday. Act 4 scene iii 1 . Nurse and Lady Capulet try and help Juliet prepare for her wedding. 2. She insists that she does not need help and dismisses them. 3. When she is along in silence she takes the Friar’s potion. Act 4 Scene iv 1 . Lord Capulet and some servants drastically prepare for the wedding through the night. 2. Paris arrives early at the Capulet estate 3. Lord Capulet tells nurse to fetch Juliet to get ready for her wedding. Act 4 scene v 1.

Nurse is playful to wake Juliet up until she realizes that she is dead. 2. Nurse calls for the rest of the family to spread the news of Juliet’s death. 3. The Friar knows what is going on, but tries to calm the Capulet family into being happy for the death of Juliet. Even though he knows she is alive Act 5 scene i 1 . Romeo is happy on Wednesday because he had a great dream about Juliet. 2. Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet died in her sleep that night. 3. Romeo goes to the apothecary to buy a poison to later kill him. Act 5 scene ii 1 . Friar John describes that he was not able to deliver Romeo’s letter because he was uarantined. . Friar cursed fortune for this happening. 3. Friar Lawrence goes to the Capulet Tomb in the graveyard to try and intercept 1 . Romeo meets Paris in the graveyard and slays him for getting in his way. 2. Romeo then takes his own life after mistakenly seeing Juliet dead on the floor. 3. Juliet then wakes up from the sleep and sees Romeo dead. She then stabs herself and takes her own life. 4. Prince and the family of the two lovers see the bloody scene the next day. Works cited Prentice Hall Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes. Upper Saddle River, NJ: prentice Hall, 1999. print. pages 670-774).

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