The Role of Social Work in Discrimination Issues

Through the use of adequate studies done by social work experts as discussed in this paper, racial discrimination is referred both as an asset and weakness of a social organization designed to help the people in the communities. It is more often than not though that the lack of effective ways in facing the challenges of racial discrimination to an organization, many social groups fail in controlling the dilemma of the issue.

As Anne Rosegrant Alvarez mentioned in her Article “A look at cultural diversity” that proper handling of disputes regarding racial discrimination within social organizations bring considerably fine results for both the association and the individual performance of each member towards the fulfillment of their goals as a group (2006, 13).

The following are the six ways in which social workers are able to control if not completely eliminate the dreadful effects of racial discrimination to organizations aiming to serve the community.

As these six practices are implied within the rules and regulations of the organization in dealing within the organization and with the people in the community, the goals of the organization is observed to have easier ways in achieving their goals as a group.

These practices are as follows: Having oriented as social equalizers, the social workers become more capable of handling disputes and controlling both their fellow social workers and themselves in dealing with social discrimination.

Seeing everyone as a part of an important purpose in the society helps every social worker to work well with their colleagues as well as serve all people of all races amidst all the differences they have against others.

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Having the aim to give pure and undoubted service to everyone also allows the social worker to serve the people with purpose, disregarding the accent or the color of the skin of any person they ought to serve in the community.

Being considerate with what the person needs and not where the person cam from is also an important factor to be considered by the social workers. As repeatedly mentioned, the main focus of social groups is to be of service to others, and failing to do such an aim is a betrayal to the profession. Having fair views of everyone may not be that easy, especially if the person has significant cultural background that has a negative impact on the other.

However, if both parties would be able to consider the fact that social work is bounded by love for one’s fellowmen, the hatred brought about by discrimination could as well be covered by concern for others welfare. Making the best out of one’s time and neglecting unnecessary details about senseless things could as well help a social worker see the importance of doing “first things first. These means that prioritizing social service above all could drown the ideas of racial discrimination completely.

(Source: Gutierez, 2006, Pp 4, 5). Indeed, considering the six major practices of ethical social service given by an excellent social worker to his or her fellow workers and to the people, gives a promising successful result of hard work for a certain social group. As clearly seen, the researches have been able to put concrete and relevant details down into writing for the benefit of the social workers in enhancing their servicing skills.

These informations were taken into consideration since they are all sourced out from people who have actually put the principles of social work into practice in their own experiences of rendering services to other people. Having been able to see the importance of proper handling of racial disputes and racial discrimination in both internal and external setting of the relationship of the social workers to the community, it is also important to know how effective the practices mentioned above are when it comes to actual practice of social service operations.

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