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Rock and Roll Essay

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Because of the rise of rock and roll, a statement has been made where rock and roll influenced the lifestyle, attitude, and fashion of the many Individuals. L. Rock and Roll and the Counterculture Movement. A. Rock music became more than Just a form of popular culture. B. Younger generations are able to find their identities C. Economic depression led individuals to turn to ways to solve their suffering II. Social Effects on Younger Generations and Lifestyle. A. Rock and roll impacted on the lives of many including teenagers.

B. Many saw the culture as a way to rebel against the old traditions C. Rock and rollers led a “hard” life which included drugs and alcohol D. The fashion reflected the lifestyles of the rock and rollers. Ill. Saving the World. A. Love and peace are common themes in rock and roll music. B. Fellow musicians like Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan. C. Musicians have adopted causes ranging from environments. D. Songs would be “Sunday Bloody Sundae. ‘V. Roller of Phrase. A. Origin of Phrase came from blacks as a form of slang. B. First used in 1951 but credited to Alan Freed. C. One of Paul Backcombs in 1947 D.

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Terrier Smith’s song “My Man Rocks Me With One Steady Roll”. V. Cultural Impact. A. Although many older generation viewed the revolution ear as a underground movement. B. Rock and roll came during tensions between blacks and whites. C. Music brought the segregation to an end VI. Rock and Roll and uniqueness A. Brought politics together B. Rose charity money VII. Weapon is Rock and Roll Conclusion A. Rock and roll is a weapon of Cultural Revolution. B. Jon Sinclair talks about freedom and differences C. There are not many genuine artists in the world anymore The asses was considered to be called the time of change.

During this time, many movements had taken place. Reasons for this would be due to the economic depression because of the Vietnam War. Several Americans were against the Idea of war. The prices of food rose up and living necessities became too expensive to afford. Not only were prices rising but people were losing their Jobs. Since no one wanted to spend, stores were not able to keep a sufficient Income to keep their workers. Thus, employees were forced to be let go. During a time of economic hardships, people turned for ways to relief the stress and trouble that they were Tackling.

I nuns, a revolution was Odor. Rock Ana roll was Torment In ten late the United States. Born in a time of change and crisis, people saw the counterculture movement as a way to fight against the mishaps. Traditional music became loud and noisy with inappropriate lyrics that were sung by new artists. Because of how new rock and roll was, it was considered to be an underground genre and was viewed negatively by older generations. In many aspects, Rock and roll was a movement that rebelled against politics. It was not common for songs to include topics that were related about war.

Well known Rock and Rollers would be Elvis Presley (The King of Rock and Roll), The Ink Blots, and Luis Jordan. Each of these artists brought a unique piece of music to make rock and roll a unique genre. As stated by Alan Freed, “Rock and roll is a river of music that has absorbed many streams; rhythms, blues, Jazz, rag time, cowboy songs, country songs, and folk songs. ” Soon, rock and roll became part of the popular culture of the United States. Not only that but, the rock and roll movement help shaped the attitude, lifestyle, fashion, and even language of the many individuals in the United States.

Rock and roll music became more than Just a popular culture that made its way urine the asses. It became a movement and possibly even an ideology. Those who followed the movement sought ways to put their emotions and beliefs into song. Unlike the millions of different popular culture, it had allowed people to live life differently than most. It was a movement that was against everything that made the world impure. Rock and roll allowed followers to play their music loud and harsh. Lyrics became over flown with emotions so strong, that older generations sought ways to stop the movement.

However, in the eyes of the newer generations, it was considered a revolution. Not Just any kind, but as the Music Revolution. Attempts to merge politics and music were made possible due to the hard efforts of John Sinclair. Born on October 2, 1941 in Flint, Michigan, he was known for being a one-time manager of the band MAC and leader of the White Panther Party- a militantly anti- racist counterculture group of the white Socialists that sought to assist the Black Panthers in the Civil Rights movement. Sinclair, known for his active involvement with the MAC, managed the hard-edged punk-look from 1966 through 1969.

The MAC band was able to embrace the counterculture revolutionary politics of the White Panther Party under the guidance of Sinclair, himself. Even if MAC and Sinclair were both deeply involved with the revolutionary politics, MAC came to a realization that Sinclair was “too heavy-handed”. Although the band and Sinclair are no longer working together, they are still close friends. In 1968, Sinclair “Rock and Roll Is a Weapon of Cultural Revolution” was published in a magazine. He claimed that there are not many genuine music artists left in the world that would sing purely because of a cause rather than Just for money.

Sinclair also states multiple times that “music is revolution”. According to Sinclair, “Rock and roll not only is a weapon of Cultural Revolution, it is the model of the revolutionary future. It’s best the music works to free people on all levels, and production unit. ” Here, Sinclair gives his explanations on why rock and roll was indeed a revolutionary weapon. Because Rock and Roll music is so unique, it allows followers to be set free from many things. People don’t have to stress over simple daily situations. With rock and roll, people were able to formulate a sense of culture.

Scalar continual to say, “People nave got to get It together, not apart People are owe stuck with bullwhip Jobs, bullwhip schools, bullwhip houses, bullwhip marriages… And there’s no need for it anymore. ” He also continued to insist that “Everything has to be free or else! ” In this article, Sinclair puts his focus on the new generations whom he believes are the Music Revolution. He encouraged the youths to start writing music and express their feelings about politics. Sinclair stated that the world is corrupted because humans made nothing but anti-human products.

Daily things such as toilet paper, plastic cups, and forks are Just some of the things that were mentioned. In edition, Sinclair concluded strongly that, “It’s time to turn on, tune in and take over! Up against the ceiling, motherhood’s! ” Not too long after this article was published, Sinclair Music Revolution came into reality and that his famous quote “turn on, tune in, and take over! ” would play a huge role in the rock and roll movement. Rock and roll became more than Just a form of popular culture. Many individuals, especially the younger generations, saw it as a form of lifestyle and culture.

Several rock and rollers found that the popular culture of rock and roll was a central component of the Cultural Revolution. The reason why the followers felt this way was because unlike other music genres, rock and roll allowed artists to sing about situations with anger. In addition, rock and roll was like an escape away from the economic depression that people were facing during the late asses to the asses. The depression affected many families, and because of this, songs began to reflect that era. Thus, rock and roll was formed. Due to its popularity, it was adopted into the lifestyles and attitudes of many Americans.

Teenagers started to live the “hard” life by drinking hard liquor. Drugs such as LSI, pot, heroin, and crack were used to fleet their lifestyle. The rock and roll fashion in the asses-ass consisted of mostly black leather. Males usually followed the famous actor, James Dean, style. They would wear a tight white t-shirt and have their hair swept to the side and a comb in their leather Jacket. For the females, they would wear leather Jackets as well with edgy skirts and leggings. Favorite rock and roll celebrities would be seen on magazine covers and products of them would be sold in stores.

To outsiders especially the older generations, this was considered to be very shocking and disappointing. Soon, fellow rock and rollers were considered to be an outcast. Although this may be true, with the help of the Music Revolution the attitudes of the people changed from strained and depressed to hard living and optimistic. Because of rock and roll, individuals were able to get on with their lives with minimum stress Peace and love were common themes in rock and roll music. Rock artists in the asses and ass have often addressed economic issues as commentary action.

For instance, during the Vietnam War, one of the very first rock songs to protest was heard. The artists of the song were Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie. Many well known rock musicians have adapted to the attempt of addressing economic and social issues. For example, some well known songs would be “Mercy Mercy Me”, “Sunday Bloody Sunday’, and “Kill the Poor”. Some notably musicians that were very active in politics were John Lennox and his former girlfriend, Yoke Non. The duo was known to give their speeches about their anti-war sentiment both in music and in the public statements.

Sometimes, the involvement of rock musicians would go more than Just songwriting and take the form of concerts, events, and charity. Rock and roll was a social catcalls Tanat NAS Racine a milestone In ten Level AI cone arts. It NAS outgrown the 1984 charity single “Do They Know It’s Christmas? Also, it has become the largest musical concert in history with performers on two main stages. People featured in this charity concert were all the face of rock music back in the days. Live Aid help became a model for many other fund raising. Environmental issues have been a common theme.

An example would be Live Earth. The origin of the phrase “rock and roll” may surprise many for some did not know that it was not the Whites that came up with that phrase. Instead, the phrase of rock and roll came from the Blacks as a form of slang. In 1951, Alan Freed, a disk Jockey, began playing blues and country music for a multi-racial audience. He is credited with the first for using the phrase “rock and roll” to describe the music he played. But the phrase was introduced to Americans in words of blues and rhythm. There are three different songs that are titled “rock and roll”.

Some were recorded as early as the asses. One was recorded by Paul Backcomb around 1947; in 1948 Wild Bill Moore decides to Join in and lastly, Doles Dickens in 1949. It is also not out of the ordinary for people to find Rock and Roll in R&B songs. Back then, “rock and roll” was a black slang for sex or perhaps dancing. The first record of the usage of “rock and OLL” would be from her one song called, “My Man Rocks Me with One Steady Roll. ” Going back even further in time, minion, the term “rock and rolling” was often used with a religious meaning.

The word “rock” had a history in the English language as a metaphor to “shake up, loosen up, or to be disturbed”. Example would be, “Rock It for Me, Baby,” and “Rock and roll my life with the music. ” During the asses, sex in songs became very common. The verb “roll” was in fact a medieval metaphor which meant “to be having sex”. Examples in sentences would be “l rolled her in the clover” or “They had rolled all day and night in the house. The terms of “rock and roll” was often used together to describe the ship’s motion at sea as well. Simply to say, the term “rock and roll” basically means to loosen up and have sex.

It is not hard to understand why the people began to use this word; to rebel against the world of what was going on. Perhaps, due to all the depression, individuals saw that the way of “rock and roll” was a solution to their endless problems. Rock and roll is a way of life and those who live it are in freedom. Rock and rollers such as Elvis Presley and John Lennox went for something different and that was to choose to be in a different popular culture. Because of rock and roll, many individuals found their identities by finding the lifestyle and culture that fits those best.

Back in the days, rock and roll music was considered to be underground. Before it had gained its popularity, rock and roll culture was not big on older generations, especially among parents of teenagers. Parents viewed it as a ludicrous to be considered as music. Older generations were used to listening to soft and classical music such as opera, and Mozart, however unlike classical music; rock and roll music does not have any of those traits in its genre. Rock and roll music is loud and very heavy that consists of drums and guitars whether it may be electric or acoustic, it depends on the type of song that is being played.

The media portrayed rock and rollers as a “bad kid” or “troublemaker”. However, all of this is proven to be wrong for rock and roll did much more than that. During hard times, Rock and roll appeared when racial tensions in the United States were coming to the surface. African Americans were protesting segregation AT cocoons Ana puddle Tactless. I en “separate but equal” doctrine was nominally overturned by the Supreme Court in 1954, and the official task of enforcing this new doctrine lay ahead. This new musical form combining elements of white and black music inevitably provoked strong reactions.

This Just proves that music can do many things that others may have thought impossible since because of the music it has helped blacks and whites to overcome their differences. Rock and roll has impacted so much in America along with the world. It has swept people’s feet with its rhythm, beats, and blues. Rock and roll has everything to offer for an individual. It’s different and unique and because of it, rock and roll has earned its place in the popular culture. It has created a difference too many lives. Because of rock and roll, the youth of the asses and asses were able to find their identity.

There is so much more to life than the music of rock and roll. To many, it is a culture and lifestyle. It changed the attitudes of many and thanks to rock and roll, it has patched up the wounds between the blacks and the whites. For once, there was something that the two groups have in common. Rock and roll brought family together. It didn’t matter if you were rich or poor or if you were black or white, music is music and rock and roll is the Music Revolution. Just like how Jon Sinclair would have put it, “its time to turn on, tune in, and take over. Notes 1 Rock and roll evolved in the United States during the asses and early asses. Rock and roll consisted of mainly blues, country, folk, and gospel along with Jazz. Rock and roll led to modern rock music such as glamour, metal, and death metal music. The instruments involved are usually guitars. In rock and roll there are two electric guitars along with saxophone and piano (asses). As rock and roll aged dance got more popular such as the “boogie-woozier”. 2 Rock and roll became more than Just a type of popular culture. It has evolved over time.

As it grew with age, rock and roll became simply Just rock music. The popular culture took over the world with music, television; it influenced lifestyles, attitude, and even language. Rock and roll did more than Just that but it also helped bring people from different cultures together. Because of rock music the segregation act disappeared. Black and white individuals came together and enjoyed listening to the same type of rock music. Soon, the white music entertainment industry realized that there was room for black music. Because of this, hip hop earn its popularity long with rhythm and beat music. Alan Freed is credited for the term of “rock and roll”. However the real origin of rock and roll came from Terrier whose lyrics contained, “My man rocks me with one steady roll. ” Rock and roll was also a slang used by blacks. The word “rock” meant to “shake up and loosen” while “roll” was a term meant “to have sex”. Rock and roll affected the teenage culture of many generations in several ways. For instance, it changed the aspects of teenagers. It helped teenagers find their own identity. Because of this, their fashion made a statement of who they are and what teen level Tort.

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