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Robinson Crusoe and the Concept of Race Paper

In this essay I intend to examine race which is depicted in Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. I will base my answer novel which depicts a negative view on race. During the eighteenth century Defoe was one of the first writers to write a novel. He called it a history and although it is a fiction, the views or ideas of the characters of the book are reflected through the history of this time. Robinson Crusoe’s central themes are Capitalism, Religion and Colonializations. In the novel Crusoe is a puritan who rediscovers his true faith in God when he is shipwrecked on an island for several years. Crusoe, is a middle class English man who gets shipwrecked and happens upon an island. This novel was appealing as it reflected a contemporary interest in maritime culture. Spending time over-seas pecked interest in a reader as it was unknown to them, the danger of the new people from America and slave trading. It shows us the economic and colonial expansion of the time.

This paragraph will examine the first passage that depicts the view of race in Robinson Crusoe. Educated British white men thought themselves to be superior to any dark skinned or pagan foreigner and even thought they were lesser beings. Crusoe had a “sense that slavery of the minority is the natural order of life.”1 As Christian privileged white men, they felt obligated as civilized beings to take control of the Native Americans and Africans. Europeans had the view that,

“The only difference between themselves and the people they have in their service is their religion and ancestry; differences which to the conquering Europeans considered the line between civilized and uncivilized and worthy of colonization.”2 Crusoe along with a slave boy from his ship were captured and became slaves, which Crusoe is insulted he is to “do the common drudgery of slaves about his house”3 as he sees himself as superior even as a slave, or in a slaves position. This can be seen in R…

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