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You bid me now to strike the lyre. That deaf-and-dumb person and torn so long has lain: And yet I can non wake the strain. Nor will the Muse one note inspire! Coldly it shakes in accenta dire. As if my psyche itself to contorting. And when its sound seems but to fling A joke at its ain low plaint ; So in sad isolation pent.

My psyche can neither experience nor sing.

There was a time-ah. ‘t is excessively true – But that clip long ago has past – When upon me the Muse had cast Indulgent smiling and friendship’s due ; But of that age now all excessively few The ideas that with me yet will remain ; As from the hours of gay drama There linger on cryptic notes. And in our heads the memory floats Of minstrelsy and music homosexual.

A works I am. that barely grown. Was torn from out its Eastern bed. Where all around aroma is shed. And life but as a dream is known ; The land that I can name my ain. By me disregarded ne’er to be. Where trilling birds their vocal taught me. And Cascadess with their ceaseless boom. And all along the apreading shore The mutter of the sounding sea.

While yet in childhood’s happy twenty-four hours. I learned upon its Sun to smile.

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And in my chest at that place seems the piece Huming volcanic fires to play. A bard I was. my wish alway To name upon the fleeting air current. With all the force of poetry and head: “Go Forth. and spread around its fire From zone to district with glad acclamation. And Earth to heaven together bind! ”

To My Muse By Jose Rizal

But it I left. and now no more – Like a tree that is broken and dried-up – My natal Gods bring the reverberation clear Of vocals that in past times they bore ; Wide seas I cross’d to foreign shore. With hope of alteration and other destiny ; My folly waa made clear excessively tardily. For in the topographic point of good I sought The seas reveal’d unto me naught. But made death’s ghost on me wait.

All these fond illusions that were mine. AIl love. all feeling. all emprise. Were left beneath the cheery skies. Which o’er that flowery part radiance ; So press no more that supplication of thine. For vocals of love from out a bosom That in cold blood liea a thing apart ; Since now with tortur’d psyche I haste Unresting o’er the desert waste. And lifeless gone is all the art.

To my Muse

Invoked no longer is the Muse. The lyre is out of day of the month ; The poets it no longer usage. And youth its inspiration now imbues With other signifier and province.

If today our illusions aught Of poetry would still necessitate. Helicon’s hill remains undesired ; And without attentiveness we but ask. Why the java is non brought.

In the topographic point of idea sincere That our Black Marias may experience. We must prehend a pen of steel. And with poetry and line terrible Flinging abroad a joke and mockery.

Muse. that in the yesteryear inspired me. And with vocals of love hast fired me ; Go thou now to dull rest. For today in sordid prose I must gain the gold that hired me.

Now must I chew over deep. Meditate. and battle on ; E’en sometimes I must cry ; For he who love would maintain Great hurting has undergone.

Fled are the yearss of easiness. The yearss of Love’s delectation ; When flowers still would delight And give to enduring souls cessation From hurting and sorrow’s blight.

One by one they have passed on. All I loved and moved among ; Dead or married—from me gone. For all I place my bosom upon By fate adverse are annoyed.

Go 1000. excessively. O Muse. depart. Other parts fairer find ; For my land but offers art For the laurel. ironss that bind. For a temple. prisons blind.

But before thou leavest me. speak: State me with thy voice sublime. Thou couldst of all time from me seek A vocal of sorrow for the weak. Defiance to the tyrant’s offense.

The Song of the Traveller

Like to a foliage that is fallen and withered. Tossed by the storm from pole unto pole ; Therefore roams the pilgrim abroad without intent. Roams without love. without state or psyche. Following uneasily unreliable luck. Fortune which e ‘en as he grasps at it flees ; Vain though the hopes that his longing is seeking. Yet does the pilgrim embark on the seas Ever impelled by the unseeable power. Destined to roll from the East to the West ; Oft he remembers the faces of loved 1s. Dreams of the twenty-four hours when he. excessively. was at remainder.

Opportunity may delegate him a grave on the desert. Grant him a concluding refuge of peace ; Soon by the universe and his state forgotten. God rest his psyche when his rovings cease!

Frequently the grieving pilgrim is envied. Circling the Earth like a sea-gull above ; Little. ah. small they know what a nothingness Saddens his psyche by the absence of love.

Home may the pilgrim return in the hereafter. Back to his loved 1s his footfalls he bends ; Naught will he find but the snow and the ruins. Ashs of love and the grave of his friends.

Pilgrim. begone! Nor return more afterlife. Stranger thou art in the land of thy birth ; Others may sing of their love while joying. Thou one time once more must roll o’er the Earth.

Pilgrim. begone! Nor return more afterlife. Dry are the cryings that a piece for thee ran ; Pilgrim. begone! And bury thine affliction. Loud laughs the universe at the sorrows of adult male.

The Song of Maria Clara

Sweet are the hours in one’s native land. Where all is beloved the sunbeams bless ; Life-giving zephyrs sweep the strand. And decease is soften’ vitamin D by love’s caress. Warm busss play on her mother’s lips. On her fond. stamp chest waking up ; When unit of ammunition her cervix the soft arm faux pass And bright eyes smiling. all love partaking. Sweet is decease for one’s native land. Where all is beloved the Sun beams bless ; Dead is the zephyr that sweeps the strand. Without a female parent. place. or love’s caress.

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