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Riordan Manufacturing Paper

Riordan Manufacturing has production plants located in Albany, GA, Pontiac, MI, and their overseas plant in Hangzhouz, China. Each location is responsible for different production lines and inventory. The Research and Development department is located in San Jose, CA, Riordan’s headquarters. Riordan Manufacturings Vice President (VP) of Operations has a service request for an implementation of a Manufacturing Resource Plan (MRP) among Riordan’s three plants into one system. This request will make it easier to maintain the inventory of raw materials and inished products (Apollo Group, Inc. 2013). An MRP will improve the current computer systems. The VP of Operations, Mark Neitzel, made a request for the system. The system includes Inventor Oversight, which is broken into two components: The Inventory PC and the Customer Shipping and Billing. The further breakdown of the system needs to track all incoming raw materials, the manufacturing of product followed by product inventory, the shipping of all products to clients, and the billing of clients. The system is broken down into workflows performed daily by each plant.

Incoming raw materials workflow. 1. The Supply truck arrives at Receiving Dock with raw materials 2. The Dock Supervisor compares shipping documents against scheduled incoming orders 3. Once orders are concurred, the receiving team unloads truck and moves raw materials into the factory. 4. At the end of the day, the Dock Supervisor gives the log of all received materials to the Receiving Clerk. 5. The Receiving Clerk enters the nformation into the Inventory PC: the type of raw materials, vendor, and quantity.

Manufacturing/Product inventory workflow. 1. The Manufacturing Staff completes inventory usage form indicating the type and quantity of raw materials used for manufacturing and assembly 2. The Inventory Clerk enters the information from the usage form into the PC. 3. After manufacturing is complete, manufacturing staff fills out inventory form. 4. Inventory clerk enters the form’s information into the PC along with Bill of Materials (80M). Product shipping workflow. Orders from customers arrive by phone, fax, or sales staff and are recorded onto sales order forms. 2. The Sales Orders information from forms are entered into Customer Shipping and Billing System. 3. The Shipping Staff load trucks with products specified by the shipping document generated daily by the Customer Shipping and Billing System (Bill of Materials-BOM) (ADempiere, 2011). 4. Inventory clerk updates the Sipping Documents into the Inventory PC based on the shipping documents. Riordan Manufacturing By makemoves2014

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