The Pros And the Cons of Internet

The following sample essay on pros and the cons of internet. It is undeniable that media has positive impacts on the development of human’s knowledge. However, besides a lot of advantages of media in the high-tech world, it also has some foreseen disadvantages for some following reasons. Firstly, it is considered that media provides people a chance to reach the new civilization in the world and bestows people upon knowledge about many fields in our lives. Furthermore, the most convenient and smart techniques are conducive to saving time.

It is clearly seen that people may stay at home to manage their work effectively rather than be at office all day. This leads to the good influence on saving people’s health and money. Moreover, hardly do people go to the library to look for books or do complex surveys or research when they know how to use computers. However, media has some disadvantages which results in people’ society skills and characteristic.

It is clearly seen that Internet nowadays creates a variety of games with colorful images and live sounds.

It is the reasons why students spend all their time playing game-online that make them hardly concentrate on their study. On the other hand, people use computer as a communication media. No matter where they are, they can gossip with their friends. Not only do they want to hang out and communicate with other people but they also are at the loss of communication skills. They do not know how to share, how to behave with their parents and family, how to work in a team.

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This leads to their being soulless and lack of experiences to do Jobs n the future.

With flows of information from media bombarding people from all fronts, they may grow confused. Today, that there are unreliable information relating to government or political problems are appeared in Internet sites make people misled and some solutions should be suggested by appropriate authorities to prevent from unrealistic information. In conclusion, it is noticeable that people should use information from media selectively to learn and work effectively and usefully.

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The Pros And the Cons of Internet
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