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Richard Parker in Life of Pi Essay

Essay Topic:

The measures any human being will go through to survive are incredible. Whether it is finding your inner savage to gather the means to survive, or creating an imaginary figure to help yourself cope with the stress of losing everything and everyone that are significant to you, people will go above and beyond. When faced with these hardships in the novel Life of Pi by Yaan Martel, Piscine (Pi) Patel did just that. Richard Parker is a large Bengal tiger created by Piscine (Pi)Patel’s imagination during his journey lost at sea. Throughout the novel, Richard Parker Proves to be a dominant figure in Pi’s survival. Richard Parker helps him cope with many of the traumatic experiences, acts as a symbol of comfort for Pi and finally because Pi needs assistance allowing his inner savage self to come out, and he was able to use Richard Parker as a way to activate these survival instincts.

Throughout the novel, several emotionally disturbing experiences happen to Piscine that should traumatize him. Believing that he had someone or something with him allows Pi to feel a sense of comfort when he needs it.This explains why Pi creates Richard Parker. At the beginning of part two in the novel Martel depicts a scene in which the boat is sinking and Richard Parker is struggling to swim. Pi screams out for Richard Parker saying “Jesus, Mary, Muhammed and Vishnu, how good to see you, Richard Parker! Don’t give up, please. Come to the lifeboat” (Martel 107). Pi’s determination to have Richard Parker survive and be with him right from the beginning shows, that he needs him in his life.The moment the boat is sinking, is a very traumatic experience happening to Pi and all he wants is the tiger to survive because he truly needs the animal as a source of comfort and support. Pi’s need for something to lean on emotionally would lead him to create the tiger through his imagination.After the initial creation of Richard Parker, Pi continues to use…

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