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Rhetorical Essay for English 101 Paper

?What I have learned over the course is that English 101 is harder than it seems. Unfortunately, the scores on my essay show that. Although my scores were not satisfying, overall, I had a lot of fun taking this course and learned a lot.

For my first writing assignment, I wrote an essay about a specific life-changing event. For which I had chosen my experience of “a day in the surgery room.” Since it was my first writing assignment of the semester, my rough draft was weak and full of grammar errors. It lacked supporting details, and the paragraphs were out of order. Which left the audience or readers completely unaware of the situation. But once I did the final review the essay was more connectable, and it was relatable.

In our second unit, we learned to explore how to compare and contrast. In this unit, I wrote an essay and compared my friend, Flori’s childhood with mine. I wrote about specific things about our childhoods and compared them. Like the previous essay, this was at first also lacked details. I had a lot of off topic sentences that didn’t need to be there. I also had grammar mistakes and repetitions. My paragraphs weren’t organized properly according to the thesis statement. Once I have received feedback from my instructor, I revised and made proper changes to the essay. In this unit, I have learned to organize my body paragraphs properly. I learned where to put supporting details and examples within each body paragraph. So the final draft of my 2nd essay was already looking much improved than the previous.

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For my 3rd essay in this course, I wrote about the effects of eBooks in our society. This essay also required outside researching and citation. It was my first time writing an essay with the citation and using outside resources. In my rough draft of this essay, I have many grammar mistakes as well as information that wasn’t directly related to the title. I also had wrong formatting for my citations. But I w…

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